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By Bibana | Bloggerwoman in an attempt | 22 Feb 2023

Disclaimer: this story was originally posted a while ago on my blog.

Delighted by the magic of November, I walk the wide streets of New York. Thousands of people pass by me and disappear into the distance. They are difficult to read, however clear they may appear.


And, they all seems to look like each other. Some walk with their heads bowed, others laugh, and everyone complains that nothing in life is going how they want. Well, those are the insincere ones, those who convey their untruths with false facial features. I was simply amazed when I came across a beggar. He stood like an open book, ready to be read. I could see by its covers that it was old and worn.


Each sad, hanging line of his face signified a year of struggle for the survival of his family. He was sitting there shivering from the cold and covered in snow.

No, he wasn't going to leave until he had enough money for food. Once upon a time, he had everything he needed, warm clothes, shoes, food, and above all, a happy family. And now just himself. Even when he married a woman of another nationality, his parents disowned him. Since then, he did the impossible just to give his family everything so that they could be happy. But man is a strange being. When he doesn't have it, he strives to get it, and when he has enough, he strives for something bigger. His wife left him precisely because of that. She saw a "better" opportunity for herself and remarried with another man. Left the man alone with two small children. Despite all that, he did not give up. He worked so hard to raise the children as best as he could. Unfortunately, he did not succeed. In order to earn money, he went to work and worked all day and all night, while the children stayed at home and learned about life on their own. They did not distinguish between good and bad, and one day became petty pickpockets and criminals.

Now, the man who once had everything, now sits with his head down, wondering what he did wrong? People just walk there, turning their heads to the other side, knocking off his torn hat and not looking back at all. Some even make fun of him. Only sometimes someone good is found to give him some money.

The main problem is that we live in the world full of fraudsters, people who would just tear their own clothes and sit on the concrete to get money. Or those evil ones who will make a business out of human misfortune and profit from that, leaving them nothing or maybe something small, miserable... That's why we often can't judge who is who, so it's easier for us not to pay attention to all of them, even the good ones, the ones who really need our help.


When you can, help! When you can not, someone will help you instead!
All together as one! <3

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Bloggerwoman in an attempt
Bloggerwoman in an attempt

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