Is pension the right way to save money or should u invest it ?

By litnworld | blog topic | 27 Oct 2021

I am starting this post by mentioning some statistics, inflation is up by 5.2% , Housing market is  by 15% and saving account is only 0.6% . So what am i saying? I am saying that Money it's loosing power due to inflation and your  money might lose some of the power  for that , so why not invest it in some of the trendiest investments that have been done these past years , such as crypto,stocks, dividends and much more, But i am sure you knew of this but just do a analysis by these factors that i am offering and u decide if you wan't to keep your pension or invest it and be safe from inflation.

I am not a proffesional advisor so do it with your own risk.

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opinionist not someone with a deegre but i know the obvious and dig a little bit deeper.

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