Walk in the Vynohradarsʹkym Forest - "Winter Kalancha Trail"

Almost two months of winter passed without running competitions, so I started to miss the atmosphere that prevails in them, and at the same time look for an interesting race that could open the next running season. This time he started from the winter trail race, which took place in the Vinogradarsky Forest in Kyiv, and was called "Winter Kalancha Trail", where I was waiting for 22 kilometers of snow-covered winter forest trails, but still able to test my preparation for the season.


It was possible to register for the "Winter Kalancha Trail" through the website, where participants could choose one of two distances, the main one - 22 kilometers, or the satellite distance - 11 kilometers.


The 22-kilometer "Winter Kalancha Trail" route ran along the snow-covered trails of the Vynohradarsʹkym Forest and consisted of two laps of 11 kilometers of skin. Choose your starting packages, the participants of the trail could, both on the day of the competition and on the day of the competition on the territory of the starting town.


Discover this running season, decided on the last Sunday of January from a running walk on the snow-covered trails of Vynohradiv Forest, which you first met back in 2019 while participating in the "Salomon Winter Cross". Then I really liked the route and organization of the "Salomon Winter Cross" running event. And as soon as I found out about the announcement of the "Winter Kalancha Trail", I decided that we should definitely take part in it, so the last Sunday of January was eagerly awaited.


Getting to the starting town "Winter Kalancha Trail" decided in advance to get his starting package, which did not have time to pick up the day before the competition, and at the same time a little walk in the woods.


The main running fun that awaited me on Sunday morning, namely the start of the first race of the season, called "Winter Kalancha Trail" began at 10 o'clock, when after a briefing from the organizers, the participants started for a distance of 22 kilometers.


The first kilometers after the start started briskly, it was not surprisingly easy to run. The first half of the trail (11 kilometers) passed quickly - 1 hour 5 minutes, which contributed to how the trail route, which had many straight sections, and running on snowy trails was convenient because it was quite difficult to stray from the route, in addition to the main turns volunteers who pointed in the right direction. Therefore, during the run it was possible not to worry about the markings and that you would suddenly run not there, but mainly focus on running and at the same time admire the beauty of the snow-covered forest.


The second part of the trail started at the food station, where participants could regain their strength with various delicacies and warm up a little with warm tea. Then go to conquer the next 11 kilometers of the trail "Winter Kalancha Trail". As for the second part of the trail, it also passed quite quickly - 1 hour 10 minutes, although I was a little annoyed because 10 miles away I noticed that somewhere on the route I lost my chip and this annoyance was a little upset. In general, the winter adventure on the trails of the Vineyard Forest, called "Winter Kalancha Trail" for me came to an end in 2 hours and 15 minutes.


The Winter Kalancha Trail was remembered for the good organization of the trail and the interesting route through the snow-covered forest. Which allowed you not only to enjoy an interesting run, admire the beauty of the snow-covered forest, but at the same time test your strength at the beginning of the running season.


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