Overview of running locations in Warsaw

In Warsaw, runners prefer parks, forests and various green areas. It is not for nothing that these are the most beautiful places in the city, which, thanks to nature, allow you to rest and recharge with positive energy during running training.

Interesting running locations

  • Park Agricola

Agricola Park is one of the places on the intercity map of Warsaw, which can certainly be called iconic. Since there is a treadmill on which you can improve your speed. In addition, there are stairs leading to the Uyazdovsky Castle, which will certainly help train endurance and strength. The park and its surroundings are quite familiar to every runner of the Polish capital.

  • Mokotovskoe field

The location is also quite interesting, because it allows you to conduct a full-fledged running training. Mokotovske Field is a kind of large park with a lot of green spaces and asphalt paths, ideal for sports. Training here can be done around the park, so run along its paths. It is a very pleasant place that makes it easy to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and then quickly return home. You can meet many other runners as well as cyclists at this running location.

  • Quay Wisla

Running on the embankment of the Wisla River is very popular. Pleasant, relaxing and with the possibility of any extension - the main route stretches between the Lazienkowski and Grote Rovecki bridges, but it can be extended, deviated, crossed the river or simply run further, for example in the direction of the Bilan Forest. This is one of the interesting running locations in Warsaw.

  • Bilyansky forest

Speaking of the Bilan forest, you can find great routes here. This nature reserve is the remains of a former forest. Jogging through this forest will especially appeal to those jogging enthusiasts who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition, the Bilan forest offers a huge variety of running routes - longer and shorter.

  • Kabatsʹkyy forest

The Kabatsky Forest is a city forest park, a landscape reserve. Cross-country trails in the forest have special designations and run along rather wide paths, as this place is very popular for spending free time. Paths in the Kabatsky forest have different lengths - you can choose a shorter route or one that will even be more than 10 kilometers long.

  • Park Mochidlo

Another quite interesting place for running is Mochidlo Park.

  • Skarishevsky Park

Another park, this time one of the most beautiful in Warsaw. A place especially good for fans of running. Beautiful green areas, ponds, everything near the National Stadium, right near the center of Warsaw. Therefore, this place will be quite interesting for morning runs!

  • Shchenliv park

The main difference of this running location is a hill with a ski track, where you can successfully practice uphill running, which will make your training more intense and effective. The park itself is not very large, as in the case of Skarishevsky, the loop around it is small. The paths are mostly asphalt, but the area is very pleasant and conducive to a calm running training.

  • Kampino forest

Kampinoska Pushcha is a haven of peace that will allow you to calm down, breathe fresh air, and take a break from the city. There are countless tracks and original routes, you can even run a marathon!

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