Kvarner Trails Series

In 2019, I managed to get acquainted with mountain running for the first time. To your vibig center on the trail "Goverla Trail Race", the route of which passes through the Ukrainian Carpathians and through such peaks as Petros and Hoverla. Although I really liked the mountain trails, after getting back to the mountain trail race I was no longer given and arrived satisfied with the various city trails. So this year we will decide to take part in each such mountain trail again.


While looking for an interesting mountain trail that could be visited, I stumbled upon a Croatian trail series, which is held in the vicinity of Rijeka and is called "Kvarner Trails". This series immediately interested me, especially the mountain trails of which it consists, so I decided to take a closer look at it and the trails that it includes.


The "Kvarner Trails" trail series includes 4 trail races:

Hahlici Trail


  • Title: Hahlici Trail
  • City: Drazice
  • Distances: 22, 12 km.
  • Total ascent: 1345 m.
  • Max. height: 1186 m.
  • Min. height: 289 m.
  • Price: from 27 €
  • Month: May 15
  • Coverage: mountain trail
  • Website:

Risnjak Trail


  • Title: Risnjak Trail
  • City: Black Meadow
  • Distances: 30, 17 km.
  • Total ascent: 1,733 m.
  • Max. height: 1,505 m.
  • Min. height: 679 m.
  • Price: from 27 €
  • Month: July 3
  • Coverage: mountain trail
  • Website:

Ucka Trail


  • Title: Ucka Trail
  • City: Moschenytska Draga
  • Distances: 42, 31, 16 km.
  • Total ascent: 2,417 m.
  • Max. height: 1,396 m.
  • Min. height: 1 m.
  • Price: from 27 €
  • Month: September 11
  • Coverage: mountain trail
  • Website:

Malinska Trail


  • Title: Malinska Trail
  • City: Malynska
  • Distances: 24, 14 km.
  • Total ascent: 425 m.
  • Max. height: 143 m.
  • Min. height: 1 m.
  • Price: from 27 €
  • Month: November 13
  • Coverage: mountain trail
  • Website:

At the end of each trail of the series, participants are awarded points, which consist of the sum of the result per trail (points are given to the 30 best participants: 1st place - 100 points, 30th place - 2 points) and points for trail complexity (RDP), which is calculated by the trail length formula + total rise / 100 = RDP (all participants). The final rating of the series consists of the sum of points that participants received during each trail. The awarding of the best participants of the trailer series "Kvarner Trails" takes place after the end of the last trail of the series, namely "Malinska Trail".


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