Iron Ambition. My Journey from Seat 2A to Ironman


  • Title in the original language: “Iron Ambition. My Journey from Seat 2A to Ironman ”
  • Author: John Callos
  • Genre: Sports, Business, Motivational literature


Have you sometimes failed because you can no longer join the closed car "work - home", which sacrifices thanks to the work of many users and that your society is gradually sounding? Don't you feel that you are spitting fat - physical and mental? You can change everything. Just like 45-year-old John Kellos, a quantitative bank top manager who owns his own business did. At first, he just wanted to collide, and then he ran the Ironman, an ascending triathlon race that includes a 3.8 km swim, a 180 km run, and a 42 km marathon. Those who support this test find new selves at the end of the journey: gamblers, strong, collected, fearless, ready to conquer new versions. Want to join these people? This book is for those who want to return to an active life, for those who like to set high prices and achieve them, for those who want to let something new and exciting into their lives.


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Andrii Androshchuk

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Blog about running

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