Golden Trail Series

The "Golden Trail World Series" exists to celebrate and develop trail running as a sport. The series stands out in the modern sports world, respecting such unique values ​​as parity, fairness, transparency, and honesty. This series aims to promote professional trailer runners as world athletes. Demonstrate and protect the spectacular natural environment where competitions take place.


The "Golden Trail World Series" consists of 6 qualifying races:

  • L’Olla de Nuria
  • Mont-Blanc Marathon
  • Dolomyths Run
  • Sierre Zinal
  • Pikes Peak Marathon
  • Ring Of Steall

Final race: K42 Adventure Marathon

Each of the six races in the series was chosen specifically because of the beautiful scenery, its complexity, history, and the atmosphere they offer to both runners and spectators. These are trail competitions that every trail enthusiast wants to conquer, and which are included in the list of desired trail competitions of any runner.


The "Golden Trail World Series" has combined the iconic trail race into a new revolutionary concept. A clear and simple format that takes into account the three best results of each runner in six races. This causes excitement in the audience, which follows the entire season, and ensures that elite trail runners meet with each other a maximum of once a year, ensuring a high level in each race.


However, this is more than just a running series - it is a celebration of trail running, athletes, and fans. Every holiday requires a party - a finale that embodies everything we stand for. Each year, the Golden Trail World Series selects a special race for the Grand Final. The 11 best men and women from the overall ranking after the 6th race will be invited to the Grand Final. This guarantees an epic battle to the last finish.

After each competition, the 30 best participants in the overall standings receive points: 1st place - 100 points, 30th place - 2 points. After the last trail of the series, "Ring of Steall", the overall rating will determine the TOP-11 men and 11 women. These 11 best men and 11 women will be invited to participate in the Grand Final. If a runner is not in the top 11 but has competed in 3 of the 6 qualifying races, he/she can take part in the finals in Argentina on his / her own.


The points for the final race will be different from the points for 6 qualifying races. In the final, runners will receive double points, namely 1st place - 200 points, 30th place - 4 points. The overall ranking will take into account the 3 best results of the runner + the result of the final race.

Golden Trail National Series

After a successful 2018 for the "Golden Trail World Series" in 2019, the national series ("Golden Trail National Series") begin to appear in some countries. The Golden Trail National Series has emerged in countries such as France-Belgium, Spain-Portugal, Italy, the Czech Republic-Slovakia-Poland, Croatia, Germany-Austria-Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States-Canada, Mexico, Denmark-Sweden. Norway-Finland, Slovenia.


While the "Golden Trail World Series" seeks to bring together the best international athletes, the "Golden Trail National Series" seeks to bring together the best national athletes and give them the opportunity to be invited to the "Golden Trail Championship".


The purpose of the national series is to give an opportunity to any strong athletes to take part in the most prestigious international trail running championship and compete with the best athletes in the world.

Each national series consists of 2 to 5 of the best trail races in the country + the national final and the general final of the "Golden Trail National Series", which will bring together the best of each "Golden Trail National Series". The top 3 men and women in each "Golden Trail National Series" will receive a Golden Pass for the "Golden Trail Championship" after each national final.

Golden Trail Championship

While the "Golden Trail World Series" brings together elite athletes in 6 major competitions to culminate in a single Grand Final, the "Golden Trail Championship" seeks to bring them together in a single event, a four-day event.


Anyone can participate at his own expense, if he has the desire, but available Golden Pass for winners in various gold races (among other things, GTWS and GTNS races), as well as Golden Seg-ments (if the country does not have a GTNS series )) in more than 20 countries.

The Golden Pass provides free transportation, accommodation and meals throughout the competition Sunday. The 11 best participants of the "Golden Trail World Series" receive a Golden Pass and are therefore automatically invited to the "Golden Trail Championship", in addition to the 3 best participants of the "Golden Trail National Series" also receive an invitation to the "Golden Trail Championship".


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