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The slogan "City of a Hundred Bridges" does not evoke associations of running. Rather, we will see numerous canals, small boats or - when we know that we are talking about Wrocław - such gems as the Zwierzyniec Bridge, the Grunwald Bridge and the small Tumski Bridge. However, if we take a closer look at the parks and streets of Wroclaw, we will meet hundreds of runners who are connected by this city and dozens of places where you can spend a pleasant time doing your next training session. Here's a quick guide to the routes where we'll most often meet Wroclaw runners.

Interesting running locations

  • Traveling running location "Between the Bridges"
  • Running track in Grabishynskyi Park
  • Running track in Zakhidnyi Park
  • Running track in Vostochny Park
  • Running track in Skowronim Park
  • Running track in Shchytnicki Park
  • Tumsk jogging track
  • Central jogging trail
  • Running route Żabia Kładka - Jaz Opatowicki
  • Popowice jogging trail
  • Running route around the Big Island
  • Running route in the South Park
  • Running route in Lesnicki Park
  • Running route in the Kletzinski Park
  • Running route Piaskowy Bridge - Zoo - Piaskowy Bridge
  • Running route in the Osobowice Forest
  • Running route Western Park - Wrocław Stadium
  • Running route in Tysiękłecia Park
  • Running route in Tolpa Park
  • Running route between the bridges between Warsaw and Oświowice
  • Running route in Brochów

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