A series of adventure competitions "Adventure Competitions Series"


At the end of the running season he decided to take part in an interesting mountain race called "On the edge of winter", and at the same time start his acquaintance with a very interesting and unique Ukraine running series called "Adventure Competitions Series". I was interested in this series because it not only consists of cross-country starts but of various interesting adventure races, such as canoeing, cross-country, and multi-sport racing, which makes it quite interesting to participate, as it allows you to test your strength in different natural conditions.


The Adventure Competitions Series includes 11 competitions, such as:

  • White Elephant Cup - skating competitions with elements of orientation;
  • King Spitz - ski competitions;
  • "The one who tears the dam" - kayaking competition;
  • Bokorash's way is a kayak marathon;
  • Rowing marathon on the Dniester "Three in a canoe" - kayak marathon;
  • Summer night Montenegrin marathon - mountain race;
  • Dnister Challenge Race - multisport competitions;
  • Cycling Circle "Bison Circle" - cross-country cycling competitions;
  • Rowing marathon on the Dniester "Three in a canoe" - kayak marathon;
  • Autumn Montenegrin Marathon - mountain race;
  • On the edge of winter - a mountain race.

The peculiarities of the Adventure Competitions Series include the fact that each participant who takes part in any competition of the series receives a discount on the next competition in this series, and the winners of the competition (those who took I, II, and III places) are exempt from the organizational fee for their next competition. In addition, the series has its own rating, where after each competition the finishers receive 1 point, and the winners 4, 3, 2 (I, II and III place) points, respectively. And the winners of the Adventure Competitions Series are determined by the number of points scored at the end of the season, and the prize fund of the series is distributed among the participants who took the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

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