Blocksquare - What have they achieved so far?
Blocksquare - What have they achieved so far?

What is Blocksquare?

Blocksquare creates a system so that everyone will be able to buy tokens specific commercial properties and benefit from increases in value and passive income.

Blocksquare builds a plug & play collection of protocols, APIs and tools for processing commercial real estate tokenization.

What has Blocksquare achieved so far?

Pilot Project

Blocksquare has been running its first pilot project for some time. The pilot project is an underground parking lot in the Technology Park Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.


The pilot project pays the rents via BST token every month since the beginning! The Rent is paid into a Smart Contract every month and everyone can withdraw their rental income at any time. The whole process is transparent and visible through the blockchain.

You can find the contract here: Etherscan

You can find more information about the pilot project on this page:


The PropTokenDEX was launched in November and offers users the opportunity to buy and sell Blocksquare PropTokens (BSPT) in exchange for BST.


You can find the exchange here:


Blocksquare was included in the Global Acceleration Program merger based in Geneva. Fusion has the mission "to shape the future of the financial industry". Blocksquare was invited from a pre-selection of 100 start-ups and impressed the jury!

Fintech Fusion's goal is to connect companies with its network of mentors, investors, successful entrepreneurs and large businesses.

Out-of-the-box solution

In cooperation with 100m2 Blocksquare has developed an out-of-the-box solution. It is the easiest way for companies to realize a globally scalable real estate crowdfunding platform. This means that companies do not have to create their own platform. Creating such a platform from the ground up is very challenging, while providing a platform with tokenization at its core is even more difficult. In addition, creating a custom solution is very capital-intensive and time-consuming.

What's Blocksquare gonna do next?


The PropToken Explorer provides information specific to real estate objects tokenized with the Blocksquare system.

Some of the functions are:

  • Open and public platform for accessing all information for each PropToken.
  • Decentralized exchange of tokenized real estate investments.
  • Trading history and chart data for all PropTokens.
  • History of real estate performance and rental distribution.

Pilot projects

Blocksquare is always on the hunt for new real estate companies who want to cooperate to bring more properties to the Blockchain. Further pilot projects in different countries are already planned.

Would you like to know more about Blocksquare?

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Proof of Title Paper →

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