Universal basic income to all.

🔗 U(niversal) B(asic) I(ncome): the courageous token to spread 💡 GOOD DOLLAR for ALL. 💵

By Rikolo | BlocksPower | 18 Feb 2020


BLOCKCHAIN and the distribuition of DIGNITY.

Finally a project that confirms how the Blockchain can be the right tool to combat inequalities in the world by rebalancing Global Economic Systems.

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The courageous project of GOOD DOLLAR for all, is what I think best represents the SENSE of Blockchain.

It will be a slow journey, certainly it is unthinkable to change centuries of history and the social and economic systems that have emerged from it.
But the virus of the democratization possible through the Blockchain has now begun to infect so many people who deeply believe in the CHANGE of the system.
For this ideas like GoodDollar are born: to create an Universal Basic Income to be distributed to the entire world population.

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But will it really be possible to succeed in giving a universal basic income to all?

But that's exactly what GoodDollar aims to do with a 100% non-profit project.
An ambitious experiment that wants to reduce economic inequalities in the world through the tool of the moment: the Blockchain.

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Just to remember some fundamental data to understand the whole meaning of my post: because no one is more indignant if the 20% of the richest population possesses 94% of the world wealth at the expense of the majority of the population that is forced to fight every day for surviving with dignity.

And dignity is increasingly a distant mirage.

The idea of universal basic income is to be able to give the minimum necessary to live to all those who need it, using Blockchain technology to which anyone can access not only the usual powerful economic groups.
This is the real power of the Blockchain, that is the democratization of the economic systems, available to all to break down the enormous imbalance in the distribution of wealth.

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What is GoodDollar?

It is a decentralized token based on Blockchain technology that is based on complete transparency of transactions and the trust of its users.

How does it work?

You need to connect on the internet, verify your identity through a facial recognition system and sign up to open your own Wallet and start receiving 1 GD $ a day for a total of 365 GD $ a year.

The project is still in an experimental phase so the GoodDollar has no value but the goal is to reach parity with the US dollar so that it can guarantee $ 30 a month as a basic income for all the members of the community.
It will certainly take so much effort and time before this project will take hold on a global level but from somewhere we must start and we can all contribute by participating.
Just download the digital Wallet and make it known to all our acquaintances spreading as much as possible its beneficial and ethical purpose.

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Certainly for those who live in western or more industrialized countries, it makes one smile to think of earning $ 1 a day, yet in many countries this is the pay of a full day of hard work devoid of any protection and right.
GoodDollar wants to combat unjust inequalities to the detriment of the most disadvantaged populations and only for the fact that it is based on these principles deserves the proper recognition and support of all of us.
We can go beyond the market logic we are used to because:

a better system is always possible or it must be invented.


More info : GOOD DOLLAR 

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