Facebook, hate speech, fake news, attack on privacy.

🚫 Facebook..Hate Speech..Fake News .. Attack on Privacy .. Has the time come for DECENTRALIZED SOCIAL PLATFORMS ? 🔗

By Rikolo | BlocksPower | 19 Feb 2020

In the last period there is a new air not yet of change but at least of awareness on the limits of Social Networks.

Has the time come for Decentralized Social Platforms to make themselves known to the masses?

What am I babbling about?
It's true that I'm not impartial because I strongly believe in the potential of the Blockchain, but lately there are a lot of negative talks on Facebook.


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Certainly Facebook with its 2.3 billion users and 15 years behind it continues to maintain great success still confirming itself on the crest of the Social wave.

Yet lately Facebook is encountering the negative opinion of many famous people, the latest Elon Mask who with a hashtag on Twitter invites his followers to leave Facebook.

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Facebook for many years was considered the place that would allow information to travel freely from one part of the globe to another.
And it really was that way until it turned into a powerful marketing tool in the hands of unscrupulous characters to take possession of our private data to reach their economic but also political interests, just think of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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From 2016 to today Facebook according to many industry studies, has contributed to the advance of right-wing populisms in various parts of the world: from the Brexit of the United Kingdom that left the European Union to the victory of Bolsonaro in Brazil. References

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In short, it seems clear that it remains difficult to continue to trust a platform whose owner concentrates in his hands the maximum power that we can have today: billions of private information of its users available.

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But how do you get out of this situation?

Unfortunately, leaving Facebook at least immediately seems impossible, both for an emotional reason, let's say it, but also because it would mean giving up a fundamental tool to keep in touch, expand our professional network, know events in which to meet new and old friends.

I think that time and above all the development of new technologies will play a fundamental role in the coming years, such as Decentralized Social Platforms that seek to reach more and more users not only those linked to the world of cryptocurrencies but to anyone who wants to feel guaranteed protection of personal data and the freedom not to suffer censorship from centralized social networks.

Let's not forget that there are still countries where there is no freedom of the press, but even in the most advanced and democratic countries often if you say what you think but it deviates too much from the guidelines of the platform on which you publish you could be banned or submerged by insults by bots camouflaged in human serial haters.

I believe that the most famous social networks of today will have to adapt to the change and demand of their users and those who have the ability to renew and revolutionize their platforms through the Blockchain will be saved by investing in the decentralization of their system.

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Why should a massive migration of users take place in the new Blockchain-based Social Networks?

Certainly for all the ADVANTAGES that decentralization entails: first of all the absence of an owner who can control the progress of the platform.
User data and privacy is protected thanks to encryption systems and above all they can be sent only with the explicit consent of the user.

For now, Blockchain-based platforms are unable to compete with Facebook and other large social networks.
But the revolution in this sector has already been going on for several years and not by signs of slowdowns, indeed they are preparing to upset the web deeply.
When the world of cryptocurrencies will be appreciated by everyone and not only by professionals, then there will be a surge in Blockchain-based network blogs.
Users will learn that with these new social networks it is possible to do the same things you do on Facebook, like, write posts and make new friends, with the advantage of earning cryptos.
You can enjoy it in the virtual world and then spend the accumulated crypto in the real world.

Despite scandals, criticisms, increasingly awareness of data manipulation, Facebook does not come out with broken bones because all the things I talk about in my post are known and only come to a minority of the world population.

So there is still a long way to go.

The important thing is never to give up and continue to spread the possible alternatives to the information managed and disclosed by powerful multinationals.


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