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I started learning about Blockchain-based blogging platforms in November 2017.
It was not easy to understand the mechanism in fact I gave up often and then I resumed, also subscribing to various platforms because in the end I understood the potential of these tools.
On the other hand lately we do nothing but talk about Blockchain and the revolution that will bring in our society.
Since 2017, many companies have begun to take an interest in Blockchain distributed register technology to save time and administration costs.
There are many pilot programs and Blockchain-based projects in various sectors: financial, health care, mobile payments, logistics and supply chain management, global shipments.




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In short, although the Blockchain is at the beginning of its development and will take years to become an economic and more efficient way to share information between open and private networks, I have the feeling that we will not stop talking about Blockchain anymore accompanying us in our near future.
I am fascinated by the very vision of the environmental biologist Guillaume Chapron, according to which Blockchain could have the potential to save our Planet.
Chapron, Associate Professor at the Swedish University of Agricutural Sciences claims that the environment needs what he calls: "CRYPTOGOVERNANCE" that is a system based on trust and the absence of corruption.

All that the Blockchain can guarantee.

Always according to the biologist and in any case I fully agree with him, today's government systems are showing the incapacity to tackle the ongoing global environmental crisis, they are prone to corruption and fail to convert economic growth into sustainable development.
So we are faced with a system that can change the rules of the game or at least to question them.

Blockchain generates trust and gives power directly to citizens, there is no more need for management by central authorities because everything goes through a secure and immutable computer code.
Because what the revolutionary Blockchain System does is provide a unique code for every piece of information that can no longer be changed and will be kept under control by the whole community.




So we talk about a system that is always transparent, traceable and reliable.

I wonder how and when our Government Systems will be ready to welcome and open to the Blockchain.
Seeing that according to Chapron thanks to the Blockchain the problem of over-exploitation of natural resources, of pollution and waste management can be managed correctly.
These issues represent precisely the greatest challenge that our governments have to face but the existence of many intermediaries, of corrupt policies and the absence of a single system of accountability, all that does not facilitate resolutive interventions.
The fact is that as regards the development and spread of the Blockchain, they will be hindered and slowed down, but this innovative- some even call it democratization - process, can no longer be stopped, progress still continues.




Chapron explains in detail how Blockchain can intervene in various sectors, from agriculture using food security programs through the traceability of each product, to the land properties above all those countries that do not guarantee the property of the land and they have the power to take it away from the native populations; for waste disposal that in the presence of a data register through the blockchain would always be traceable; moreover Blockchain can incentivize funding for environmental protection thanks to its transparency, removing those with fake interests.

However, it should always be remembered that Blockchain is not perfect and as much as we try to make it safe for hacker attacks, there will always be unscrupulous people ready to violate it.
I think this is one of the most important challenges to be faced by all the Blockchain operators that will have the task of continuously improving it and keeping it pace with the times to strengthen its unquestionable potential.

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