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By Rikolo | BlocksPower | 15 Feb 2020



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Lately we talk about BLOCKCHAIN and all its potential developments, I often talk about it too in my posts, above all I am interested in knowing how the Blockchain can be part of our daily life but also the improvements at the global level that can lead.

It is undeniable that this technology is spreading in a wide range of sectors.
But there is a PROBLEM that slows both the diffusion and the development:


Did you know that the ability to develop distributed registers for companies is in 2nd place among the 20 fastest growing skills and the demand for professionals with these skills has grown by over 200% in the last year?

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And since Blockchain Experts are still very few compared to job offerings, why do not you try to think about Blockchain as an investment for your career?

But where to start?

Surely the easiest and fastest way to acquire Blockchain technology skills is to learn by yourself.
And the web offers many opportunities to explore this sector and understand if it is the right sector for you.

So what's on the Web to acquire Blockchain skills?

I wandered a lot around the web and found out some University Courses about Blockchain very interesting, such as those of MIT, engineering and designing cryptocurrency course, the Stanford University, with a course called Bitcoin Engineering to learn how to create bitcoin-enabled applications, the Academy - School of Blockchain, and the London-based startup B9lab, which launched a certified Ethereum online training program in 2016; but even PROGRAMS organized by Blockchain vendors and INDUSTRIAL GROUPS, such as Consensys, Blockapps, Ethereum Foundation and Hyperledger.

Then I came across a site that struck me for all the FREE INFORMATION available to EVERYONE:


Visit the site 

Clearly, Blockgeeks offers a more specific study plan for a fee, I have to say with very low prices, but it offers to everyone unlimited community access, high quality video courses to watch on any screen, access to the community forum, a system of reward points for completing lessons and courses.

In short, a free basic preparation on Blockchain.

Here is a brief presentation tutorial that explains how the study plan is organized starting from the basics to get to a higher level.

However, no fear

just start by understanding the basics of the Blockchain Technology which is maybe the level that many of us have already achieved without even knowing it.
In short, the first step to be achieved is to know what the Blockchain is and its mechanism, the importance of the decentralization and the work of miners.
Read here to find  a lot of free guides.


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A very interesting and useful thing that the site offers is a Glossary from A to Z about the terms used in the crypto-sphere, to be aware of what you are talking about and to understand the topic.

Below some examples:




Click here  to visit the Glossary.

The site guides the users advising the study path to follow, so after thorough the lexicon of blockchain, a fundamental thing to know is the technical aspects of the Blockchain: the cryptoeconomic properties of bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto, as well as the functions that perform the Blockchain: Hashing, Signatures, Proof of Work, Zero Knowledge Proofs.
What is Cryptoeconomics? Read the Beginners Guide here.

From now on the topic becomes a little more technical because they start talking about programming trying to approach the user little by little to the world of coding through practical examples.



In fact Blokgeeks proceeds to the creation of a new cryptocurrency based on the Blockchain, obviously called BlockGeeksCoin, which shows closely the language used for programming.
It's not easy but it is a good start to get familiar with the programming language used, the site recommends to deepen the knowledge of these programming languages and among the most used for Blockchain: C ++, Javascript, C #, Go.


Another important thing that must be known is the use of SMART CONTRACT, that is an information protocol used to verify a negotiation or execution of a contract.




In short, the site offers a basic guideline to study and become a Blockchain Developer thanks ti the tools necessary to deepen the different topics.
Now it's up to you to understand if it's the job for you and continue your training to become a professional expert in the Blockchain sector and find the right job opportunity.

I hope I have given you useful information and that intrigued you to explore this site, really rich in tools to expand your knowledge on the Blockchain topic.



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