INSTAR’s Block’tivity Ranking Keeps It Ahead of Heavyweights Such As Litecoin, Doge and Bitcoin Cash

By Blockspectator | Blockspectator | 25 Jun 2019

Before investing in anything, due diligence is highly advised. Block’tivity is here to help every investor discover their best possible investment option in the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Block’tivity combines several variables to come up with the most active cryptocurrencies in the market. Ideally, investors should go for coins that are actively traded with high platform activity. In its findings, Block’tivity lists all these. Comparisons can also be made easily from the results.

On June 21, Block’tivity released their top-twenty most active cryptocurrencies in the market. The list featured INSTAR at position thirteen which is quite commendable considering the coins it had to go against. The latest ranking further validates the presence on INSTAR in the cryptocurrency industry.

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Block’tivity’s top-twenty rankings makes for good reading for INSTAR | Source: Block’tivity

INSTAR’s Continued Growth

After the most recent ranking, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a rise in INSTAR activity and user base. Competition is fierce in the altcoin market. Thus, notable rankings such as Blocktivity’s top-twenty list play a massive role in keeping alt coins relevant in the industry.

Already, INSTAR marked 2019 with notable improvements in daily operations and platform presentation. Departmentalization of their structure improved their appeal to the public as it allowed separation of activity between Insights Network and INSTAR Wallet. The result of these improvements was the growth in numbers for the platform. By May, over 200,000 users were registered on the INSTAR platform.

The latest ranking provides an opportunity for growth for the platform and its users. The ranking can also act as a source of inspiration for the developing team to create even more innovative solutions through the platform.

It is also worth noting that the platform ranked above well-known cryptocurrencies such as LTC, DOGE, and BCH. Based on activity, INSAR users find the platform practical compared to the coins INSTAR ranked above.

Quality Over Quality And Quantity

Numbers can mean nothing or everything depending on the platform behind the numbers. Benchmarks use a different ranking system, which often leaves potential investors confused about what coin to invest in.

Block’tivity is a different kind of benchmark as its main aim is to represent coins as they are. Its ranking focuses on what matters most in the cryptocurrency industry, the activity of the coin. Market cap and coin value play a role in determining the ranking; however, it is an activity that gives the actual performance of the coin in question.

Blocktivity’s results are an indicator of the quality of performance of the cryptocurrencies it ranks. Once integrated into individual platforms, Block’tivity tracks the performance of the cryptocurrency based on activity and market cap with activity holding more weight in determining the ranking.

Other benchmarks offer similar rankings; however, most do not employ platform activity as a crucial variant in determining the value of a cryptocurrency. Therefore, in terms of a clear representation of a coin, Block’tivity is precise, accurate, and thorough in their findings.

Clear And Safe Choices

Uncertainty can be created by numbers that do not make sense. For investors, figures must be precise before any commitment is made.

Well known cryptocurrencies such as DOGE and LTC may appeal because of their market cap and other attractive attributes; however, these may not matter at all when it comes to making a profit.

Platforms such as INSTAR which provide services that are in demand are more likely to attract higher activity daily compared to platforms that only represent a store of value. INSTAR stands a higher chance of remaining relevant and growing in the future compared to value coins that are likely feeding off the success of huge names such as Bitcoin.

Therefore, Block’tivity can form part of investors’ due diligence due to its thorough research and analysis of cryptocurrency performances.

Participating in any market is mostly about making a profit out of the assets you own or plan to purchase. The ability of a project to earn profit in the cryptocurrency industry is majorly dependent on its ability to withstand hype, FOMO, and other market trends, trading soberly through all these.

Platforms such as INSTAR are advantaged in that they have a loyal user base that is growing as a result of the merits of the platform. The Block’tivity ranking will also help in the growth of the INSTAR as potential market participants view its performance on the benchmark.

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