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Phantasma: Blockchain Designed For Gaming

10 Mar 2022 3 minute read 0 comments Safal0x

If we are to discuss blockchain gaming, we cannot overlook Phantasma. Phantasma is a smart contract platform that claims to be the ‘technological backbone of the future of gaming’. While it's a bold claim, the variety of reasons explored below might...

Smart NFTs Explained

16 Feb 2022 2 minute read 0 comments Safal0x

'Smart NFT' is a fairly new topic even for the people riding the NFT train. While both smart NFTs and regular NFTs provide a way to verify ownership of a digital asset, there are some major differences setting them apart.   What makes Smart NFTs diff...

Why Gala Games Will Dominate Blockchain Gaming

6 Feb 2022 2 minute read 9 comments Safal0x

Along with the hype of metaverse, many metaverse and gaming-related cryptocurrencies saw tremendous gains in 2021. One of them was Gala Games which has stood out to be a top contender for blockchain gaming and here’s why.   Centered on gaming rather...