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Crypto currency industry has experienced rapid developments ever since the invention of Bitcoin , the first global crypto currency in the year 2009. The motive behind the creation of bitcoin was to restructure and correct the imbalance and lack of transparency in the centralized global monetary system .Bitcoin is a decentralized  crypto currency which is governed by no central authority or any governments .It was created with a vision to integrate transparency and decentralization into the global monetary system.

Despite the good will of Bitcoin , there still exist some loopholes and in a bid to correct these shortcomings, several alternative crypto currencies has been created.

First, there is problem of scalability in Bitcoin network because its technology implements Proof of WorK (PoW) Consensus algorithm which is highly complex and expensive to maintain due to the high computational power required. The energy requirement for mining Bitcoin is very high .Besides, cost of setting up hardware needed to mine bitcoin is very expensive. Despite all these complexities , the network speed is very slow ,15 min/transaction and the transaction cost is extremely expesnive.

The team of TerraCredit has created a revolutionary cryptocurrency which solves the problems of scalability, low speed and high transaction fees associated to some 

existing blockchain networks. CREDIT cryptocurrency was designed to accomplish the mission which Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency couldn't accomplish . It is a decentralized digital payment solution for the entire universe. The Unbanked class can as well implements CREDITS as a medium of exchange, Investment intrustment and trading instruments. The decentralized nature of CREDIT cryptocurrency will prevent government access to users financial life and preventing uneccessary tax levied by government. CREDITS can be used for both local and cross boarder financial transaction with little transaction fees and high speed.

CREDIT offers best solution in the global digital payment system . It is a decentralized payment system which facilitate digital transactions and serving as good medium of exchange . CREDIT serves as digital money that facilitate any form of digital payments globally. In terms of speed , transaction cost and reliability CREDIT offer the best . Holders of CREDIT coin are eligible to passive income if they stake the coins in their wallet and contribute in the network block production .




Both Proof of Work (PoW) and (PoS) have similar goal which aims to achieve the network consensus and transactions validations. Initially , Credit implements hybrid blockchain which entails Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stakes (PoS) but after having attained a block height of 10,000 , it has turned to Proof of Stakes consensus. CREDITS now uses Proof of Stakes consensus . Unlike Proof of Work which required excessive computational power , Proof of Stakes require less energy and hardware for the network operation . This consensus also enables Nodes engaged in block production in the network earn some CREDIT token by participating in the network validation.

Proof of Stake (PoS) system adopted by CREDIT network remove the barriers of the technical complexities and high energy cost involved in mining .With a simple computer device and some credits coins , anyone can participate in block mining to earn more CREDIT coin. By removing the Proof of Work in CREDIT network , the network welcomes high numbers of block producers and the higher the Node operators , the higher the security and smooth functioning of the network. 

CREDIT allows everyone who participate in their block mining to earn cryptocurrency with their PC. Taking active role in CREDIT network through node operation qualifies 

participants to earn more CREDIT coins. Miners receive their rewards automatically in their wallets .CREDIT network through Proof of Stakes removes all complexities associated with Proof of Work mining system . Miners dont need too much Energy and expensive hardware for block mining.


1. DECENTRALIZED BLOCK MINING : TerraCredit allows users to download wallets and participate freely in block production. Users with their PC and internet connection can earn CREDIT coin by taking active participation in the network block production.Rewards are received automatically on CREDIT wallet after each blocks .

2. HIGH TRANSACTION SPEED : TerraCredit network offers high network transaction speed .Transactions is validated within seconds in the network and this allow CREDICT coin to be the most reliable payment instruments and Medium of Exchange. It can be used for local and international financial transaction and business settlements.

3. LOW TRANSACTION COST : There are lots of benefits attached to using CREDIT coin as medium of exchange and payments. Apart from the high transaction speed , the transaction cost is very cheap .It cost lesser than $0.00000003 to transfer money on TerraCredit blockchain . 

4. NETWORK SECURITY : In terms of security Terra Credit is highly secured , it has a highly decentralized Proof of Stakes network consisting of more than 12,000 solo miners and conducting 51% attack on Terra Credit Chain is very impossible .

5. Proof of Stake (PoS) Rewards : The network users who stake their CREDIT Coin are eligible to 100% profit yearly . Staking on Terra Credit platform does not require PC as the platform provides web based staking wallets. As long as users have access to Website , they can stake their coins , contribute to the network stability and earn rewards.

6. CREDIT WALLET : TerraCredit offers various wallets for the users . It has web based wallet, Desktop wallet, Mobile Wallets and more. The wallets offers 100% decentralization. Users take 100% control and ownership of the funds in their wallet through their Private Keys. 



TerraCredit offer the best digital payment system globally . It is a robust network with more than 12,000 solo miners ,this make 51% attack highly impossible in the network. CREDIT coin holders can earn passive income if they stake their coins in their wallet and participating in the network stability . Their rewards are paid automatically into their wallets by the network. It cost lesser than $0.00000003 to transfer money on TerraCredit blockchain . It worth paying a closer attention to this network . Be part of the revolution.

Official Resources

Website: https://terra-credit.com/

Whitepaper: https://terra-credit.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/terracredit

Twitter: https://twitter.com/terracredit

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/terrabitofficial/

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/terra-bloockchain/



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Bitcointalk profile url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2681359







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