Atlas Rising , a multipurpose investment platform focused on renewable Energy and Cryptocurrrency investment

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Blockchain technology has created diverse investment opportunity for everyone through decentralization.It require high level of expertise to be successful in cryptocurrency trading . Lots of people who bumped into Cryptocurrency trading without adequate skills and experienced suffer huge losses along the line . Besides, to mine cryptocurrency like bitcoin require high computing power and heavy mining equipment. which eventually doesn't yield meaningful income for the miners.

In this article, i will be discussing about Atlas Rising , a multipurpose investment platform focused on renewable Energy and Cryptocurrency investment . Atlas Rising will create diverse income streams for their investors. The project operates exactly like mutual funds which offers wide array of investment opportunities to different class of investors all over the world. The decentralized nature of Atlas Rising platform enables anyone irrespective of their location invest in the platform .




Atlas Rising is a company based in Dallas, Texas United State of America . The company specializes in 2 major area of investments which includes investment in Cryptocurrency and Renewable Energy generation to power their Cryptocurrency mining operations. Atlas Rising based their investment services in major Cryptocurrencies with potential of growth such as Ethereum ,Bitcoin . They take possession of physical Solar panels and plants which generate Electricity for their crypto mining services. Atlas Rising Company will generate funds for its development and investment from the public and they will be offering different investment packages with the minimum of $85 investment .

It is no longer a news that Crypto mining most especially Bitcoin mining consumes excessive Energy and the cost of settling up Bitcoin , Etherum mining hardware is very high . This type of business will be hard to manage by a single or few set of entrepreneur due to its cost implications. The team of Atlas Rising has decided to handle this task by building a large scale Eco-friendly renewable Energy system such as Solar Energy which will reduce the high cost of mining on regular expensive Power supplied by government or private bodies . Atlas Rising team focused on environmental protection and offering sustainability in the Cypto mining industry. Based on the point stated above, the company will help the public spread and reduces risk .Investment in Atlas Rising company gives confidence to the invests because they are not investing in just a mere piece of Cryptography backed by nothing ,which can dissolve easily within a thin air.Atlas Rising is asset backed investment that gives investors rest of mind.

Atlas Rising coin value will have a stable value because the company is asset backed and have a good working products that will hedge the value of the company token . Besides, Atlas Rising will conduct public fund raising program which will enable them to generate funds from large numbers of investors and the pool of funds for business developments will not be only sourced from the Large scale investors.


(a) Atlas Rising will shall acquire his own Mining Hardware facilities and Mining factory which will subsequently eliminate the cost of renting Mining Hardware's and paying monthly rentals for the building they are located. All unnecessary expenditure related to rents will be cut down .

(b) All investment funds realized will be spitted into different area of investment such as Cypto investment , Masternodes and physical assets such as Mining hardware's and Solar Energy grid , panels and other assets.

(c) Atlas Rising focuses on Green mining concepts which simply means they will be implementing renewable Energy such as Solar Energy for their crypto mining operations. The company will render their mining operation in an Eco -Friendly manner in which plants and Animals will not be affected by the mining operation and Energy production.

(d) Another unique feature of Atlas Rising is its implementation of Crpto Vault system where different types of cryptocurrencies will be purchased and locked in the VAULT. With this investors will be rewarded in Ethereum and Bitcoin payment which in turn will increase awareness and more public patronage.

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Atlas Rising is a project with a very brilliant ideas and based on the above enumerated business model the company will create a reliable and diverse income streams for the investors. The project operates exactly like mutual funds which offers wide array of investment opportunities to different class of investors all over the world.This is a project with a genuine vision and high marketable products and services. Don't miss out . Be part of something huge .

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