Register and Get 5,000 Kick Tokens Along with Other Benefits for Life !!

Register and Get 5,000 Kick Tokens Along with Other Benefits for Life !!

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 21 Jul 2020

Hello readers, I came to know about another amazing potential earning project of Kick Exchange which is already live for the traders around the globe. They are now giving away 5,000 Kick tokens on just signing up. First of all, create an account then I will tell you its benefits. 

Signup Link:

Kick is already listed on Major exchanges like Kucoin and Hitbtc along with some other exchanges too. And it has a potential gain of many times if it reaches only its higher highs. Check out the price of Kick on various exchanges in below widget. 

The higher high $0.894248 USD of Kicktoken was on Oct 04, 2017, and If it gains back the only 100th of its higher high then that would be a fortune. let's say $0.01 per Token then its 1000 times of profit.


As shown above, the total people registered so far on Kick Exchange are more than 1 Million and the reward is given to these users is 62 Billion Kick Token worth 1.8 Million Dollar. How much you can earn depends upon how many people you refer to the exchange. Very well they are giving away multi-level referral bonus Kick tokens on up to 10 Levels. Which means on each level you get your share, increasing your total income if every person on every level invites more users. 


This is your multi-level referral structure. You’re at the top. Those, whom you’ve invited directly — “first-level referrals”— are right below you. Further down there are “second-level referrals” - people your “first-level referrals” have invited and so on up to the lowest level 10.

If you refer 50 active traders and every 2nd of them invites at least 3 traders and each pays $20 in fees monthly, it results in more than 5,000 users in your network. Your Passive Income can be more than $1800 a month.


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