Earn Bitcoin by Completing Easy Micro Tasks and Simple Offers (LEGIT Paying Website)

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 6 Jul 2020

I have written a few articles about Earning Free bitcoins, and yes I have earned about 45$ through This website so far in a week honestly as I also share proof of withdraws each time. It's so simple to earn even without referral program but referral earning is the best as they are paying 50% referral earning directly to the Referrer and If you join using Referral code you too get 10,000 Sats for Free! 

There was confusion among my readers, due to the change of terms for the referral bonus to be paid which is also mentioned below

  • Referral must withdraw once.

For doing that, the referral has to complete bundle of wannads offers, and micro-tasks or to gain more referrals worthy of tasks and offers or typing work to let him meet the minimum threshold (100k Sats) amount to withdraw his earning to BTC wallet. 

I see this website with a lot of potential earning in bitcoin by completing offers and tasks. One of my referrals earn 30$ + by completing only tasks, and I received a 50% commission of my referral which is 15$. Isn't this amazing? See yourself below in the screenshot.


As you can see above the Phoenix user has rewarded me 150,000 sats which is 50% of his earning, means he earns 300,000+ sats on this website. which clearly indicates its potential for everyone out there to earn the same amount by completing offers and microtasks. Especially wannads offers. Users can also earn by typing on this website. 

You can also earn Bitcoin by Free Faucet daily, completing micro tasks, simple offers (WANNADS), and even by typing data entry work too. The website is amazing and you will get 10,000 satoshis if you signup using my referral link which is given below:


10,000 Satoshis means 1$ in bitcoin just by signing up, and the minimum withdraw is only 10$ in bitcoins which is instant.


Also, there are micro-task which enables you to earn more in bitcoins to get to the minimum threshold for withdrawal

Typing task is similar to captcha typing data entry work in which you are able to earn as much as you work on typing.

The website is paying and legit, there is no scam involved.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section. I would love to respond. Thank you!

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