Complete Quests and Earn Crypto on ReviewHunt (3$ Minimum Withdraw)

Complete Quests and Earn Crypto on ReviewHunt (3$ Minimum Withdraw)

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 26 Jul 2020

Hello readers, It's been a while I have written anything here on Publish0x. But today I decided to share another legit paying potential earning website with you where you can join as 'Hunter' different crypto projects and earn according to the offer mentioned on the 'Quest'. 

Simply signup using this link:

(If you have any issue, feel free to ask me in the comment section here. Thank you) Let's review the website and its key features. 


As you can see above some quests are worth 2$ and sometimes I have seen quests worth 30$+ but it needs certain following on social media to complete that quests. Like to create a video about a specific blockchain project on your youtube channel for certain following like 5000 subscriber youtube channels will qualify for those quests. But however, You can always find quests to complete on a daily basis, its very simple to complete.

The most catchy thing about this website is that you can withdraw earning as little as 3$ in HUNT coins, however, there are other options like Bitcoin, Ethereium and Steem as well for withdraw but their limit may vary. You can check Hunt is listed on many exchanges and its tradable too. 

HUNT still has a lot of potentials to grow as its market cap is just $280K and it's listed on Probit and GoPAX exchanges only. If it's get listed on any major exchange then the bulls will take control of it for sure :)

ReviewHunt works on the trust score of the user, which is recorded on the website database as per according to the completion rate of the Hunter by completing Quests accordingly. the more you develop trust with the maker of the quests by completing quests according to their terms and get approved the more your trust score will be. You can check on the below image too. 


If you still find any query about the website you can feel free to ask me here in the comment section. Happy earning as hunter :) 


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