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BAT future price prediction

Basic Attention Token (BAT) future predictions

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 19 Apr 2020

Hello readers, BAT has been on my radar for 2 months now, especially right after joining this awesome platform of publication and being rewarded in cryptocurrency in BAT tokens to My Ether Wallet (MEW wallet). BAT browser has the ability to replace chrome and firefox if mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency happens in this decade 2020 to 2030. 

I predict the outcome of BAT tokens to produce more ROI more then major altcoins out there if the team of BAT keeps working on this project more then ever. I knew about the BAT team of buying BAT tokens from major exchanges too to fund their main account to give away rewards to publishers and advertisers. BAT has a total market rank of 34 as of writing this article and its total market cap is around 242 million USD which is average. Its price is around 0.16$.  

If we predict its price movement if the next wave of bullish run happens in 2020 to 2021 then BAT can be worth more then 16$ a coin with worth of at least 2.4 billion USD market which is not a Mission Impossible for the team

While investing in BAT please consider it's free earning rather than putting money from your pocket which I will recommend to everyone out there.


Your time is also an investment to your future, if you waste it in the wrong project then you will curse it in the future, May that not happens. 

I wish every reader out there a happy journey to publication on this platform, thank the readers too. Please Follow for more articles, like it and tip yourself along with me. thank you!

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