200$ in Prizes, TRON (TRX) Official Giveaway with Ledger Nano X
Ledger Nano X and 200$ in Prizes

200$ in Prizes, TRON (TRX) Official Giveaway with Ledger Nano X

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 28 Apr 2020

Its been a week ago, I wrote about 200$ to 2000$ maximum for the 1st position holder which will earn 2000$ in TRON and a Ledger Nano X device. Up to 100th position holder will get the Prizes from a Ledger Nano X device to 200$, 500$, 700$, 1000$, and 2000$ of TRX tokens. This Giveaway is officially distributed by Ledger Device Manufacturers. 

Details of the 1st to 100th position Prizes are mentioned below:

Enter the Ledger x Tron Contest now and earn entries to the following Prize Pool:Winner: $2000 in TRX + 1 Ledger Nano X
2nd place: $1000 in TRX + 1 Ledger Nano X
3rd place: $700 in TRX + 1 Ledger Nano X
4th place: $500 in TRX + 1 Ledger Nano X
5th place: $200 in TRX + 1 Ledger Nano X
6th to 100th place: 1 Ledger Nano XAgain I am sharing a step by step guide of how you can participate too in Prize Money Pool. Please make sure to complete all tasks to get selected in the 3rd to 4th place with at least 500$ in TRX + 1 Ledger Nano X device. Thanks, me later!

  • First of all, go to the contest page on this link TRON Contest Link
  • Enter the Contest by clicking Enter and then enter your name & email address
  • Verify your email after you redirected to the contest page.
  • All of your points will be shown on the right and social media tasks on the left
  • The first facebook task will be manually checked, else all the other tasks will be immediately rewarded to your wallet. 

I am also sharing my account points with my readers for motivational purposes. Please share your own referral link on social media platforms and in your social circles and ask them to participate in it, accelerating your own chances of winning the contest. The top 100 more points owners will get the rewards for sure. 

My account for ledger contest

As you can see above the tasks are very simple and will only take 10 minutes maximum to participate in the contest and to get 700 points free without any referral to participate in 500$ of TRX and 1 Ledger Nano X. 

I wish everyone to get in top 100th rank and it's not a big deal too. You too can achieve that. 

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