100,000 BAT Giveaway By Decoin - Easy to Participate (Step by Step)

100,000 BAT Giveaway By Decoin - Easy to Participate (Step by Step)

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 4 Jul 2020

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Let's come to the topic of 100K BAT tokens give away by Decoin Exchange. It's for Real, The rewards will be split among traders who trade BAT tokens on their exchange with 2 pairs which are BAT/BTC and BAT/USDT. And please only trade in those two pairs only. 

The total volume of the trade must increase 50$ i.e buy and sell combined. it means if you have 10$ in BAT and your deposit on Decoin wallet then you should trade total volume of BAT/BTC or BAT/USDT of 50$ at least to qualify for the Giveaway. 

Signup to Create Account: https://www.decoin.io/?ref=33102

Announcement on Decoin Website about Requirments of Participation.

Trade at least $50 in trading volume during July 2nd, 10 AM GMT to July 12th, 10 AM GMT and you will be included in the 100,000 BAT split distribution. 
All traders crossing the $50 trading volume within the defined giveaway period will split the 100,000 BAT reward in proportion to their accumulated trading volume.   Notes and Terms:
* Users can trade BAT/USDT or BAT/BTC on Decoin Exchange. Trading volume will be paired to USDT value.
* Engaging in trades of cryptocurrencies may be highly risky. Please do not use Decoin’s Services for trading in digital assets if you do not understand these risks.
* Distribution of funds will take place at July 13, 2020  

The distribution date is as mentioned above on July 13, 2020, right after the ending date of participation on the 12th of July. 


If you still have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comment sections. I would love to solve any query. Thanks for the reading.


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