Blockchain in the Lifecycle of a Human Being – A Case Study – Part 1

By Ruma | Blockchains Projects | 21 Jan 2021

Blockchain till now has proved to be a wonderful enabler in various aspects of life. Most of the projects we follow are small fragments of a bigger puzzle. The bigger puzzle is “how to make the world better”. With this common vision in mind, blockchain companies have been working to improve various aspects of how we work. Defi is focussing on improving the Loan system, projects like Civic are working on data authentication, Supply Chain projects are working to improve traceability of products. Most of these organizations are business focussed. But what if there was a product that was individual focussed? How will it affect the Lifecycle of a human being starting from Birth, throughout his life, till Death?

Note: Some of these concepts might vary from country to country. To keep it simple, I will take the Case Study for my country, India



    • Birth Certificates:


From the day you are born, your birth data gets included in the Blockchain. The baby might not have a name on Day 1, but other details like date and time of birth, birthplace, gender, parents’ name, etc. are essential entries into the system. We have seen lots of forgery in the age of a person in order to get an entry to a particular school or a sports team. Birth certificates in the blockchain will prevent any unethical means.

Civic is one project which can help.

    • Baby Food (Food authenticity):


Parents are afraid to give baby formula milk to a newborn as they grow up. There is a whole nexus of counterfeit products. Food authenticity will assure that the baby gets only authentic products. This will directly improve health in the long term.

Read this article where Dairy giant Vinamilk Implemented TE-FOOD for a New Premium Infant Formula Product

    • Medical Records (Vaccination):


There are a number of vaccinations a baby needs to take between year 0 to 2 (and a few even after that). As these get recorded in the blockchain along with a history of the baby’s diseases, the doctors will feel more confident to prescribe certain medications. This is specifically true in cases of underdeveloped countries, where your parents do not even know what medicines or vaccines you have taken so far.

MedicalChain is an interesting project in this regard.



    • Unique Identification Number (Citizenship):


In a normal process of getting a Unique Identification/ Citizenship, you need to take your Proof of Identity, Residence Proof, Photo, etc, and stand in a queue. Once verified you will get your details on your phone. In a blockchain world, many of these details would already have been present in the blockchain, and the government would only call you if there are any gaps. Else, the process becomes automatic. This will further help in the creation or approval of your other important documents like Passport, Visa, etc.

    • Educational Records (School and College records):


Educational records determine your future. In today’s world getting admission in Tier -1 schools and colleges has been super competitive. This competition results in fraudulent practices and corruption and thus destroys the hopes for many eligible candidates. The blockchain applications for educational records can be classified into twelve categories: certificates management, competencies and learning outcomes management, evaluating students’ professional ability, protecting learning objects, securing collaborative learning environment, fees and credits transfer, obtaining digital guardianship consent, competitions management, copyrights management, enhancing students’ interactions in e-learning, examination review, and supporting lifelong learning.

Read: Blockchain-Based Applications in Education: A Systematic Review



    • Voting:


You are 18 and you are ready to vote. See the recent event during the Presidential elections in the US. There have been major claims of fraudulent votes. The question is not whose claim is correct, the problem statement is whether any of these parties can prove that their claim is correct. Blockchain solves this. Bring the voting system to the blockchain and now you have a transparent vote without any false claims. All the data is present, to be proved. This technology is still in the nascent stage and should be started on a smaller scale.

A good place to start with is Project Catalyst of Cardano


In Part 2 of this article, we will continue with TEENAGE and then move to YOUTH and ADULTHOOD and OLD AGE. We will talk about Social Media, Travel, Marriage, Loans, Buying Houses, Cars, and even death certificates, all in the Blockchain.

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