Blockchain in the Lifecycle of a Human Being — A Case Study — Part 2

By Ruma | Blockchains Projects | 27 Jan 2021

In Part 1 of this article, we saw the impact of Blockchain on your life, from the moment you are born. We saw how it impacts your Childhood and Teenage years. We will continue discussing the Teenage years and see how Blockchain plays a fundamental philosophical role in our lives till the end.

TEENAGE (Continued…)

  • Social Media:


This is one of the most popular segments in Blockchain. We have some good projects in multiple areas of Social Media. Your posts are kept in a decentralized database, and you get paid for your articles. Most important projects include LBRY for videos, SteemitHiveHyprr, etc. I will keep Voice separate, as I am not yet sure how much decentralized it will be.

  • Travel:


The most popular application which supports purchasing hotels and flights using crypto is Travala. You can pay for your stay anywhere in the world seamlessly using your favorite cryptocurrency. Travala allows you to book 2,200,000+ Hotels and Accommodations worldwide. Recently Travala merged with Binance backed TravelbyBit.

Read: Merges with Binance-backed TravelByBit


  • Corporate records (Background checks etc):


From the onboarding stage, every company needs correct information about the employee who is joining. Background checks are very important in this regard. Blockchain can save much verification time of the records of an employee. His performance can be tracked throughout his journey in the corporate world. Promotions, progressions, and awards are easily recorded, skills and training will be updated. Enterprise Blockchain solutions like Hyperledger can hugely help here.

  • Vehicle Records — Your first 2nd hand car:


Purchasing a second-hand car is a risk. You are not aware of the condition of the car. Nor are you aware of the previous owners and how many times it has changed hands. You need data points to take these decisions. You also do not want to purchase a car that does not give you mileage or has a history of accidents.

CarVertical is an interesting project which can help you in this regard.

  • Matrimony (and Marriage):


In many countries, including India, where arranged marriages are common, it is important to know and understand the background of both the bride and the groom. There have been so many marriages that broke-up because the knot was tied based on the foundation of lies. If the Matrimony portal is able to integrate itself with Blockchain-based medical, educational databases, the trust will be developed quickly. The marriage certificate can then be recorded in the blockchain. I am not sure if there is any start-up doing this, if yes, please mention it in the comments section. If no, you can start your own. All the best.


  • Loans:


This one is a no brainer. I have already talked a lot about this. This is the existing Defi ecosystem. You do not need to go to the banks to verify yourself anymore to get a loan. If you have the collateral, you can get the same from Compound or AAVE. On many of these platforms, you just need to pay a one-time fee. There is no annual interest rate. You just need to return your collateral value to get back your collateral. Defi is the most popular use case of Blockchain till now.

  • First House (Land Registry):


So many people are scammed during land or house purchases. Land already owned by someone is double sold. A disputed land is sometimes sold to a third person. People are generally afraid to purchase land or property. You either have to do huge research yourself or you need to pay a heavy premium to a broker. Tokenized Lands and also a blockchain-based Land registry solves and simplifies this.


  • Insurance:


The blockchain insurance sector has a long way to go. It has started off nicely with the provision of insurance for smart contract failures. However, this insurance needs to be moved to the health sectors. It should cover major diseases and accident benefits. This will happen in the long run with the integration with Health records in the blockchain.


  • Retirement benefits:


Oblivion is a fear. We usually fail our past generations and remain unobservant. Blockchain can help massively. Are our parents getting all the benefits they deserve? Are they getting funds from the government? That extra bit of interest from the Bank? The Senior Citizenship card which will give them transport benefits? A single integrated umbrella to bring all the services for old people and also monitor them with accuracy and transparency is much needed and blockchain will help here.

  • Death Records:


Everybody dies one day, but even your death certificate is important. The roles of your children in society changes with your death. They now own everything you used to own in the material world. A Death Certificate is of utmost importance.

  • Digital Inheritance:


In continuation with the previous article, it is important that we are able to pass on our belonging to the future generation in an authentic and transparent way. Blockchain has come up with Inheritance Solutions. Check out the project called Safe Haven. Check out their product called Inheriti. Inheriti provides the management, protection, and distribution of digital assets to designated shareholders.

Hope you like this article!

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