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NFT Gaming on The WAX Blockchain

By DrCharles | BlockchainRPG | 24 Mar 2022

NFT Gaming on The WAX Blockchain

The global NFT market is currently worth around $22 billion.

The popularity of NFTs is rising fast, and so is the popularity of NFT gaming. But what are NFTs? And can they integrate with the gaming world?

The WAX blockchain is leading the way in NFT gaming. Keep reading to find out why.

What Is a NFT?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens, which are digital assets that can be traded on various blockchains. The term "non-fungible" means something is unique and cannot be replicated or replaced.

Cryptocurrencies are another major use of blockchain technology, but these are fungible. When you trade crypto such as a bitcoin for another bitcoin, they are both the same and are interchangeable. This separates NFTs and helps give them value.

NFT Games

NFTs have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, and a range of companies have developed various play-to-earn crypto games. There are several NFT blockchains, and as such, these games operate on different blockchain technologies.

Some of these games have simple designs, such as casino games where you can wager an amount of crypto with the hopes of winning more back. Others are more involved and cover various genres such as shooters and RPGs.

Gaming is already a popular hobby for lots of people, and the popularity of crypto and NFTs is growing rapidly. Bringing them together is a great way to move forward with the technology and bring new people into the world of NFTs.

The biggest NFT blockchain right now is Ethereum, but others such as Solana and WAX are growing quickly due to their advantages.

Benefits of the WAX Blockchain

Despite Ethereum being the most popular blockchain for trading NFTs, it has one major disadvantage - gas fees. These are payments that are made on every blockchain transaction to compensate for the energy used.

Ethereum transactions use a lot of energy, and the busier the network is at the time of the transaction, the higher the gas fees are. Sometimes a single transaction on Ethereum can cost hundreds of dollars.

This is why many people are turning towards other blockchains, as gas fees are substantially lower. WAX NFT sales on a secondary market come with a variable network fee set by the market and by the collection, regardless of congestion on the network. Any other WAX transactions have no gas fees at all.

Originally WAX was used almost entirely for game-based NFTs, but as it has grown in popularity, other types of NFTs have become available such as memorabilia and merchandise.

The native WAX wallet allows users to look through different DApps, giving a more seamless experience than other blockchain wallets. Registration is easy and as there is no need for a third-party wallet, you don't need to remember seed phrases or store private keys.

NFT Gaming on WAX

Gaming has always been one of the main focuses of the WAX blockchain. BlockchainRPG is one such game that has a deep lore and allows you to gain resources, craft tools, and hunt monsters. You can compete against others, earning GOLD and NFTs as you play.

Signing up is easy, and the BlockchainRPG website has detailed guides explaining the mechanics of the game.

The Future of NFT Gaming

There is already a range of games out there, but NFT gaming is still a relatively new world, and the potential to grow is huge. Over the next few years, we can expect to see many more games popping up on the WAX blockchain as well as others.

If you are ready to get started, click here and read through this guide on setting up your WAX wallet and BlockchainRPG account.


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