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% 10,000 gains ∞ CryptoCurrency Dartboard - BlockChainPictures Interview - NFT origin

( no investment advice due research before investing )


BlockChainPictures - CryptoCurrency Dartboard ( The picture above is an NFT created by BlockChainPictures available at opensea )

BlockChainPictures - CryptoCurrency Dartboard - AltCoin Dartboard

Question :  How were you introduced to get into CryptoCurrencies?

BlockChainPictures : The year was 2015, The creator of BlockChainPictures ( prior to its existence ) was at home in old Torrance California, City Strip, The Greater Los Angeles area while reading articles about investing.  When stumbling across an article that read something to the idea of;

" A blindfolded lady and gentlemen are offered a chance to play a round of CryptoCurrency Darts Price to PLAY? $1,000 = The chance to throw three darts, The Prize to hit the CryptoCurrency Board and if you hit the board your gains will include a guarantee % 10,000 + with whichever Coin or wherever on the board your dart sticks that's where it stays till you cash out "

_______________________.   where do we sign? "

Back in 2015 it wasn't as easy just drop money on the crypto market and feel confident about it but that's exactly what we did. 

By the End of 2017 I created the website BlockChain-Pictures.

Question :  Without mainstream adoption prior to how it is now, where did you invest your money? 


Companies like First Bitcoin Capital Corp. ( BITCF ) generated % 1,000 + ( But has wrong id for website )

( BTCS ) Bitcoin Services  

( FTEG ) For The Earth ( also very hard to track down their correct website ) =

Companies like these as well as well as high risk high reward plays is really what gets the blood pumping.  Also how I was able to started with investing.  The though of true Greed Never crossed my mind until you get into the 1,000 % gains.  But then it crosses your mind FOMO and you don't wanna miss the pump but you don't want to be hold the dump.  These are trends I've gained wealth, knowledge, and experience through seeing and been a part of.


Question :  Now That Mainstream adoption is inevitable why do you suppose people are reluctant to invest?

BlockChainPictures :  

Anytime someone doesn't understand something they are skeptical that's fair.  But for safe gains of a ever inflating dollar doesn't exactly get me off anymore.  What does is seeing dogecoin mooning as predicted in BlockChainPictures  " Limited April Drop Collection " Non-fungible Tokens.

Maybe I'm a part of the problem but if this is a problem yeah I'm a part of it.  If Some say it a solution so be it.  Ive always Been a numbers guy forget about the name associated with what's generating gains so long as they are morally and fundamentally justified.


Thank you for your time and leave a comment to tell us what stocks/crypto you've invested in and what we as a community can collectively fit in our pockets before we get on the rocket with #dogecoin to the #moon.    

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BlockChainPictures NFT's
BlockChainPictures NFT's

In what will be looked back on as the creeping up the roller coaster in the future people like us will say I remember when bitcoin first hit $1,000 I remember people saying bitcoin will hit $50,000, I also remember thinking if dogecoin hits a penny ill be rich... even after knowing the story of the million $100,000 pizza transaction ( in retrospect ) I sold almost all of my dogecoin a year ago before it began to moon.

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