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By VisionX | Blockchain365 | 12 Dec 2021


Adshares is an ESC blockchain-based programmatic advertising platform. Unlike the traditional centrally handled platform, it is the next-level decentralized Web3 protocol to offer services with low costs, high transparency as the operations are based on the blockchain network, and fewer frauds. Adshares prefers its own highly scalable blockchain network that can scale the 10K transactions per second and over 100k transfers per second. The high scalability can be the best feature because most of the blockchain networks are still struggling to have high scalability for smooth operations. 

Adshares Ecosystem

The ADS protocol allows the community to access the network according to the DAO-style governance that is more convenient and fairer to use. Anyone can join the network as its own blockchain protocol connects publishers and advertisers without any middlemen interventions i.e. 100% decentralized. It has its own $ADS tokens which can be used in the Adshares ecosystem. Have a look at the following diagram to understand the Adshare ecosystem.


Features of Adshares

It is the future Web3 advertising platform so it has so many interesting and advanced features like as follows:

  • It is a cost-effective decentralized platform in which even small advertisers are welcome to join.
  • It has a single currency that’s why no problem with the cross-border currency issues for the payment processing. 
  • It massively reduces fraud as all ads are being checked against the hash and then displayed on the platform. 
  • Own powerful and ultra-fast dPoS blockchain with built-in token burning features that also support cross-chain to the popular protocols like Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC. 
  • Machine learning features are implemented.
  • Based on the blockchain which has a unique two Tier-nodes structure, 2FA authentication, and no mining is required.


Adshares and Metaverse Interconnection

Nowadays, Metaverse is becoming one of the hottest topics to discuss over the internet. The popular social media company Facebook was also rebranded to Meta citing their ongoing works related to the Metaverse. Metaverse is simply the 3D virtual world that acts as a bridge between the real and digital world. Imagine, you are going to buy something in the market by testing digitally in the Metaverse or doing the 3D meeting in the Metaverse, everything is based on the future technology. In addition, blockchain-based NFTs are changing the Metaverse gaming industry as the users can create the NFTs with their permanent ownership recorded on the blockchain and such NFTs can also be traded outside the games.


Now, where is Adshares connected with the Metaverse? Well, it allows users to rent space inside the Metaverse, NFTs exhibition for different purposes, blockchain gaming, and many more.  

How Adshares Is Changing Advertising World

If we revert to the traditional marketing styles, there will be clear pictures in our brain that how centrally handled platforms imposed the higher amount fees due to the middlemen. It will not be sure when will be the delivery even after making the upfront payment. Another bigger issue of such a traditional advertising platform is, attackers are taking the wrong benefits by cracking the system. Central point failure is very common to such centralized platforms and users’ sensitive data can be at risk. 

So now how do the Adshares combat the all above persisting problems? Here are some points to mention: 

  • It is based on distributed ledger technology so everything is recorded on the blockchain and the records are accessible to everyone so there will not be disputes.
  • A blockchain-based system manages everything so it massively reduces the costs for the operations as there will be no middlemen.
  • It secretly bypasses the adblockers to exhibit ads so it can be a reliable solution for most of the advertisers who expect to deliver ads to the maximum audiences. 
  • Everything is instant so users should not get worried regarding the delivery after making the payments.

Potential Use Cases of Adshares in Digital Advertising

The major concern of the advertiser has always been security and transparency, so blockchain effectively fulfills such demand. So, definitely, Adshares has so many real-world use-cases for wider adoptions. Some of the potential use-cases are as follows:

  • Excellent tracking system for the data distributed in the blockchain network that’s why any sort of marketing agency can get benefits from Adshares.
  • It solves the privacy issues and offers high security to both advertisers and publishers so the companies which have to process a huge amount of information in a very short time can use Adshares. 


Wrapping Up:

So many centralized advertising platforms use users’ data for various purposes and sometimes, they can even sell such data to third parties. Blockchain ensures anonymity by keeping users’ data encrypted. On Adshares, users can feel 100% decentralization without revealing their personal information and there will be no worries for the single-point failures so it is the best option for digital marketing. 

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