Blockchain Will Save Democracy !!

By Ashma | Blockchain University | 13 Jul 2020

We all are living in a world where we all get our own rights, we can speak freely on any topic, we can criticise anyone, we get to choose our leaders & we can live the way we want. We got this freedom due to the ideology called democracy. Democracy empowers the communities both backwards as well as forwarded, it gives opportunity to each and every person in the society and helps to nurture the idea of community.

Most of the countries accepted democracy but we're still far away from the idea of 'complete democracy'. You may have heard or read somewhere like people vote politicians based on cast, based on language and more shameful, to the candidate who pay them to get votes. You may also heard about the vote counting scams, many of countries claimed that Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) can be hacked and can be manipulated anyhow. To solve this serious issue, blockchain technology came forward and providing a solution with 'Blockchain Based Voting'.


What Are The Problems ?

Here I'll list some of the major problems we're facing right now regarding the voting system.

Waste Of Time

We know how time consuming it is to vote. It takes almost a whole day, there were long ques and most of the times it is not possible for elder people to wait this long. Many youngsters do not vote only because of this hectic procedure, that's definitely harmful for the community & country's democracy.

Hacking Votes

There's problem in traditional voting system, which is a ballet paper system. There might be human errors in calculating votes or might be knowingly miscalculating votes to support some specific party or a politician.


Along with the problems in traditional voting system there's problem with the latest Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) too. In India there were several allegations regarding EVM hacks to support one specific political party. In investigation it was found that in some cases the total inclusive number of votes was greater than the total number of voter in that region !! Which means there were 'fake votes' which is very dangerous sign for the democratic system.

These problems are not just limited to the voting issue, these problems are actually weakening the democracy of the nation. We should take that issues seriously otherwise it'll be too late to act on it.

Infrastructural Requirements

It is very difficult to carry-out the whole process nationwide specially in my country India, which is the world's largest democracy as well as one of the largest countries by population & area.

Along with India, billions of dollars are spent to carry out the voting procedure all over the world but still there are various holes in the system.

What Are The Solutions ?


In order to tackle the issues I've mentioned above blockchain provides the solutions, with the help of blockchain we can strengthen the democracy of the nations all over the world.


Solution For Timing Issue

The timing problem can be tackled using blockchain as the whole voting system can be taken online along with the offline system. Due to the digitalisation of the voting there'll be no long ques, there'll be no time consuming process and more voters will be voting & citizens will be performing their duties/responsibilities.

Security Solutions

As we all know blockchain is actually a very secure technology, actually the whole blockchain technology stands on the ideology of privacy, security and decentralisation. So it'll be impossible for any political party, any political candidates or any other entities to hack blockchain voting system due to its use of peer to peer (P2P) network & consensus. This will take our democracy to the next level and strengthen national democracy.

Infrastructural Solutions

Blockchain technology will cut tremendous amount of money spent on voting system every year all over the world. Along with saving millions of dollars blockchain technology will also decreases the infrastructural requirements like the staff and machinery. This will help country to spend tax payers money to improve the lives of citizens of the country.

These are few of my observations and opinion on the 'Blockchain Based Voting'. If you would like to add few points then please comment them down.

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