TrueBlocks Workshop | Thomas Jay Rush | ETHDam 2023

TrueBlocks Workshop | Thomas Jay Rush | ETHDam 2023

By Dspyt | BlockChain Tech | 3 Dec 2023

TrueBlocks builds and publishes an index that lets you explore the Ethereum blockchain from your local machine. The data comes directly from an Ethereum node and can be accessed from your local desktop without third-party APIs.

For deeper analysis such as conducting an anti-fraud analysis we would want to explore entire histories of addresses, calls and traces which requires an index. With TrueBlocks local index we can effectively serve an application filtered and aggregated data efficiently.


00:03 TrueBlocks enables local data sourcing for sovereignty and privacy.
02:45 TrueBlocks command feature: unique addresses
05:22 TrueBlocks workshop demonstrated a thousand times faster data retrieval and precise transaction querying.
07:52 Web 3 technology reduces costs of operations to near zero.
10:16 Financial transactions are often missed by regular indexers, impacting reconciliation.
13:00 Data published to IPFS and Unchained index for permanent access
15:31 Decentralized indexing and sharing of data on IPFS for fair access and usage
17:51 Giving away sovereignty to index holders is risky
19:57 Automated data retrieval from blockchain with minimal user effort
22:09 TrueBlocks enables building distributed, private, and local applications.


ETHDam is a Hackathon & Conference that gathered over 500 DeFi and Privacy builders on the 20th and 21st of May 2023 in Amsterdam.

Privacy is normal. Following the arrest of Alex Pertsev, a Tornado Cash developer in the Netherlands, ETHDam 2023 is determined to counter the chilling effects of the lawsuit and bridge worlds to discuss the future of privacy and encourage to build on the shoulders of cypherpunk giants.

ETHDam is powered by CryptoCanal, - a blockchain education and events platform growing in Amsterdam, spreading its roots to Rotterdam and Zurich. ETHDam 2024 is on the map already! 

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