The connection between computers and human chemistry

By dtwo | blockchain-talk | 23 Apr 2019

I was sitting here observing my thoughts, Sometimes I can detach myself from my mind. Do you understand? Hard to explain




The mind, the brain, is a computer. The self is who I am, contains my soul and heart and my sense of identity. Because the self resides in the mind it’s easy to not see the difference between them. I am not my mind, I am much more than that, So part of my mind is like a program that sits there running. Circling back on itself thinking about all of the stuff that could go wrong, stuff that’s out of my control but the mind still obsesses about it. I think that behavior retraining is very key. I would like to combine my interest in Technology with psychology and brain training. The only thing I disagree with is that everybody can be taught to do something, with appropriate modification,that’s a very metaphysical perspective

The Discourse

If you’re able to detach from your brain do you feel like your consciousness is somewhere else? I think we as human assign the self to the brain. Logically we believe that’s where it would be. I think in eastern philosophy thechakras are thought to vitalise the physical body and to be associated with interactions of a physical, emotional and mental nature. that is the source of anxiety.

How To Respond

Skinner would encourage you to figure out the trigger and modify your response to eliminate the obsession, and because at this moment I’m able to step back from that as the observer and watch the mind doing his mental masturbation I can appreciate knowing difference between being the culprit or the outsider. We just did mental masturbation. Lol…..

The analogy between two worlds

But the mind is distinct from the brain as the software is distinct from hardware,Software is very dependent on the hardware. It resides in the brain but it is not the brain, The hardware(brain ) will be faulty if we add anxiety( stemming from the mind) to it. So is the voice in your head telling you to do something wrong or telling you to do something harmful?, is that part the of the brain or is that part of the consciousness.
In my perspective until you know why and eliminate hardware issues (say anxiety) , only then you can determine if the software (the mind) needs to be reprogrammed. And that is why drunkards can’t stop themselves thinking about the next drink, and when they do drink there is a physiological reaction that happens in their body that’s different from what happens in ours and that creates a craving for them to drink more and more and more until they black out or pass out. The obsession is borne out of the alcoholism.

The Real Battle Starts and Ends Here

That’s where the chemical aspects of the hardware (brain) comes in to play. The reward center of the brain tells the software that this is good stuff and the software(mind) knows how to respond. We refer to the process that leads to the craving (the obsession) as an allergy(meaning you don’t want to do it but you still find yourself doing it) it’s not a bad analogy but it’s probably not quite an allergy like rag weed or peanuts. I guess it makes sense if allergy could be considered as a weakness in the hardware because the body processes a stronger reaction to it but rather it’s culprits go through their whole life thinking that everybody else is the problem.

The battle for Self-awareness is lost in the end!

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