Ep.6.2 - More about the types of innovation

By GordonBen | Blockchain superpowers | 16 Apr 2021

Welcome back to a new episode of Cryptoworld, the article-based series about blockchain implementations in the current world 🌎

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Today we'll go deeper into the science of innovation and discover the other 3 quadrants of the matrix introduced the previous time. I'm talking about:



Why it is important to examine all of them?

Because it's just a matter of time and field, but all those forms happen and in the crypto industry you can spectate all of them daily since it's a field with a very high rate of innovation at the moment and a lot of active projects.

Let's start with a basic one: the incremental

It follows an incremental model and can be seen in a lot of systems every day under your eyes because is the most common and also the way to proceed when your architecture is built and you want just tune some things and align with environment changes over time.

Can be defined as:

A succession of very small upgrades or improvements that an administrator makes to its system. Usually released at regular intervals.

Your browser receives incremental innovation very often and you can see it from the release number, most of the time you don't even notice the changes because are not visible or very small. With the current state of the web, incremental innovation is almost invisible and constant connection makes it smooth.


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Changing one piece: modular innovation

This is referred to the innovation where only a piece of the system is changed, but not the way the piece interacts with the other pieces of the system. It's like changing the wheel of a bike to improve the weight and performances, but don't change the way it spins and interacts with the other components. It is usually done to make focused changes.

Can be defined as:

The complete redesign of (some) core components, while leaving linkages between the components unchanged.

As been discussed a lot in the past when the "phonebloks" came out due to the power that could have on the market: the possibility to have always the same system and choose which components improve over time to specialize your system in a way or another. Unfortunately, never scaled in the mobile phone market.


And the beast: the radical innovation (also known as disruptive)

It's usually the one that takes the most time to develop and energies, but is also the ones that excite the most: a radical innovation is an incredible improvement in the whole system and usually means that the entire system is replaced with a new one that fits much better the final goal (or vision) compared to the previous one. This improvement is usually considered 10x in technology, but cannot be defined since must be contextualized.


Can be defined as:

A new configuration of the system, that could include new components, architectures and modules, and delivers an outstanding superior output compared to the previous system configuration.

It is probably the most discussed type of innovation nowadays because of startups: behind a fast-growing company, there is always disruptive innovations. It could be in the technology, in the way it approaches the market, from the financing point of view and so on.




Thanks for the attention and the time taken to read this article 😇

Please feel free to comment with your opinions, thoughts and whatever comes up to your mind. If you need more info don't hesitate to reach me for additional info or just a good conversation about the topic.

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