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By M87 | Blockchain_Space | 3 Dec 2019

In the early days of blogging, it was a bit more difficult to earn any type of income through blogging. Either you would need to know how to run your own website with your blogs, or go through a service that helps maintain the server for your blogs for you. Having to generate revenue through traffic and mainly ads, that makes it a challenge now days with having privacy browsers blocking ads.

With the help of blockchain technology, it is allowing almost anyone to start generating some earnings through platforms that have merged crypto-currency with blogging.

Why Blog on the blockchain?

There are many benefits to blogging on the blockchain. With recent issues on blogging sites or social media, they deal with censorship and users having their content taken down. Using blockchain technology, this allows content providing platforms to be censorship-resistant as activities on a blockchain are immutable and are forever stored on a decentralized public database.

An added benefit of blogging on the blockchain is being able to reward users and incentivize more interaction on the network to help stop the spread of misinformation.



If you're reading this blog, then you're reading this on the Publish0x platform. This is a primary example of being able to earn through blogging. Publish0x's platform allows other users to like or "Tip" a user's post on their blog.

While other platforms have similar implementations, Publish0x is designed to work better with the Brave browser. Interestingly, the Brave browser is a privacy browser and blocks ads by default. The good news is the browser is integrated with the Basic Attention Token(BAT) blockchain and so is Publish0x. This allows bloggers and content creators to earn BAT and other tokens. With the addition of earning more through Brave's ad and Creator rewards.




Read.Cash is a Bitcoin-Cash powered blogging platform so this revolves around BCH and a tipping system so if you want to use the platform entirely, you'll need to deposit some BCH yourself.

According to their site:

If you are a writer or creator of any kind - write an article about something interesting, add images and video - anyone who upvotes your post will send you Bitcoin Cash to your online wallet and you can use it buy stuff (like anything on Amazon with 10%+ discounts via purse.io, any gift cards via eGifter, book hotels and airline tickets with Travala or exchange it to any other money using local.bitcoin.com).

If you are a reader, you can support the authors you like by sending them money via the upvote button. 90% goes to the author, 10% goes to read.cash to support the development and promotion of the platform.

They do have a warning being a relatively new platform:

Fair warning: read.cash is a very young project (born October 2019), so we lack quite a few things (see our Roadmap) and there might be bugs that affect your Bitcoin Cash, so don't expect miracles (yet) and don't keep more than $5-$10 in your online wallet. You've been warned.




Steemit has been around for over 3 years now and was a promising blogging platform as it was a spin from Reddit and was one of the first blogging platforms that were built on a blockchain. Users are rewarded with their native token STEEM for their content and this platform has grown with many "Dapps" that allow different ways to blog or interact with the platform.



Dtube for example, is another front end site that allows you to post video content to the Steem blockchain to earn rewards. With the recent launch of their Smart Media Tokens, users are able to earn alternative tokens and trade them on their internal decentralized exchange.

Steem has recently gone through a Hard Fork and many changes to keep the platform going.



Scorum is a fork of Steem, but has their own native token SCR and their platform is focused on sports content. They have different features and have a betting platform built along with it. So if you're a sports fan this one might be right up your ally.

And Many More!

While there were only a few platforms listed, there are many more that are built on the blockchain and users can earn rewards. Some are region specific or not as good as others but the crypto space is always changing. So get out there, do your research, and start earning through blogging!

Do you have a favorite platform? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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