Introduction to Zano.

Building a Decentralized, Private Web-based Marketplace on Zano

Zano Community,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Zano Life (ZL), a working product name. ZL is an effort to promote and gain appeal for utilizing Zano in the private marketplace sector. It will allow users to buy and sell digital content for ZANO, directly from the browser and without needing to utilize Zano Core. ZL will be the first service developed on-top of the Zano platform to easily enable asset transfer, and hopefully garner Zano more public interest.

With all of that stated, I am sure everyone is interested in the technical details, especially price. Pricing is essential as an added spam-protection measure. Selling costs will help keep the service funded and provide a reason for dedicating my time. All transactions will be paired to the United States Dollar (USD).

  • Listing cost: $1 at current market price
  • Selling cost: 2% at current market price

Next, a brief description of ZLs transaction process. It is important to note that all funds will be managed by a centralized ZL wallet.

  1. Signup: User signs-up via email or social media account. ZL then generates a new wallet address to represent that member. The address is uniquely assigned and will represent that user’s history such as community ratings.
    1. Set Transfer Address/Alias: Member must determine at signup an address for fund transfer. ZL will not hold transacted funds with any sell immediately processed by ZL wallet and sent to the forwarding address
    2. Optional - Seller Alias: 1 ZANO
  2. Selling: Member creates a new listing.
    1. Upload Digital Content
    2. Set Price based on USD.
    3. ZL generates a unique Payment ID, broadcasts offer to blockchain
    4. Updating/Removing Listing: only cost is the tx minfee
  3. Buying: Member finds interesting listing. In the future, I would like to enable easy payment via QR code scanning or launching Zano Core to easily process payment. All users can send funds for purchase to alias “zanolife”
    1. On the listing page, notate the item’s Payment ID
    2. From the wallet, send a transaction to “zanolife” with the Payment ID
    3. Upon receipt of the payment, your newly purchased digital content will be added to your “ZL Vault” - the singular place to go retrieve purchased content

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