The NFT Birth Was Just In Time

By Purp24 | Blockchain & Publish0x | 4 Sep 2023

Art needed a pick me upper and NFTs gave the space just that. Now people are becoming rich overnight once again all in parts to blockchain. My collection of NFTs are cool and I sold a bunch since being introduced to crypto kitties way back. 

The very 1st NFT I sold made me feel like I had just accomplished the latest feat of mankind. To make it even better the entire work was crafted my non other than myself. So selling my person creation was an eye opener and it even made my roommate at the time excited. We both stayed up all night just expanding our knowledge of non fungible tokens until we crashed at sunrise. 

Today I'm more selective with my creations and my purchases of art on the blockchain. I will post a link or two below to some of my work for you all to checkout and judge for yourself. Again thank you for taking time out of your lives to be interested in what I have to say on my blockchain journey. 

I call this first one (Morgan Fearless)


Next we have my rendition of (Speed Kills)



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Blockchain & Publish0x
Blockchain & Publish0x

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