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190903265-958cc48600484af8128825c1347bd2e7fc5218a009bf7068bd8cbec7ab211257.pngThe Blockchain technology has brought massive development and growth in our today's world, making tasks more easier, secured, faster and productive in every way. The Blockchain technology has lead to many successful business and with this success it is still performing like never before. The Blockchain is here to stay and make everything easy, faster, reliable and secure. Today I will be talking about BetHash, BetHash is a gambling and casino platform based on the blockchain. Has we all know today that gaming/ gambling has become a massive activity among almost everyone. The gambling industry has faced lots of problems over the last few years as the traditional gambling has suffered more of this due to many difficulties affecting it. Traditional gambling which involves physically entering a casino house where games are been played. This gambling way suffers from insecurity, untransparacy, lots of limit. This problems has lead many gamblers loss fate in gambling games and also many who win are been bomberded with high tax. Many gamblers who wins also are been in danger of their lifes as they are physically known and can be attacked by other gamblers at any time, so their life are not secured. Payment system in this gambling industry are way to slow also as many takes days before they get paid. The major problem on this is because the system is centralized and favour those who uses bribe and all sorts of this actions. 


Then after lots of problems in the traditional gambling the online gambling began to come in and have every attention but the problems in the traditional gambling is still in the online gambling as the lack of transparency and security are the major problems of this system. All of this problems has made many gambler leave this space because it is not profitable anymore due to all of these problems. This is why BetHash is here to bring back the gambling industry.


BetHash is a decentralized online casino platform built on blockchain which offers a wide range of cryptocurrency for betting/gambling. BetHash is the Fairest Satoshi-style Decentralized Crypto Casino platform. Unlike the way traditional and online gambling platform works BetHash works on a different level to solving the problem current problems in the gambling industry and delivering the best. Bet made on Bethash platform are not controlled by any one other than the blockchain as every bet made goes through the blockchain and the blockchain hash are those that generate the results. As I've said earlier that other gambling platforms are built using centralization system, which means that it is controlled by government or individual which can make win in their favour. Also there are limitations in the centralized gambling platform as there are maximum amounts at which to bet with but with BetHash all of this is different as it is the blockchain that makes and run everything on the platform. There are also no limitations on amounts to bet with on BetHash and has multiple of Cryptocurrencies to bet with, which includes TRx, ETH, BTC, EOS, HASH and IOST. 


BetHash have an inbuilt exchange which comprises of lots of cryptocurrency pairs with ETH, BTC, TRX and more. This exchange is to allow users to feel conformable on the platform as their Cryptocurrency can be converted to an acceptable cryptocurrency for betting. The exchange is easy to use and has lots of features to enable comfort for users. 


BetHash platform is designed to carry out this tasks seam with it inbuilt high quality technology and security. Which are the first steps to making the platform reliable. The platform is also built with friendly user interface and UX which enables users to understand and navigate around the platform easily. 


The Bethash platform I must say is the best online casino platform as it feature on making gamblers make massive profits. There are no taxes collected here and payment are immediately. The platform also enables users to earn big by spreading the word through referring of friends. When a user successfully refers his friends he/she get a reward for that. Also active users who play casino get to share profit every day. Active users also have other advantages to earn bonuses on the platform. 


BetHash has created it own Cryptocurrency called HASH, it is the native cryptocurrency of the platform and can be use to make bets on the platform. Hash is also paired with other cryptocurrencies on BetHash exchange. BetHash platform is already running and fully functional as every activities on the platform has began. The team are also working tirelessly to put everything in order and bringing new features to the gambling industry to make users comfortable and earn huge profits. 



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Blockchain project
Blockchain project

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