The Graph (GRT) - What You Need to Know

Since the summer crash The Graph has been overlooked in my opinion and with the recovery upon us it could be a good time to give it a second look.


What does it do? GRT has a massive utility in the Web 3.0 space. It provides easily accessible information to platforms from blockchains. The problem it solves is a developer trying to launch a dApp would no longer need to run a node or use an expensive service. 


There is a growing list of chains it provides information on listed below:


The really beneficial feature for everyone I think is the multiple ways anyone can participate in the network. You can use this as a Developer, Indexer, Delegator, or Curator. Being a developer is the more obvious option. An Indexer is essentially a Node Runner that provides query processing to users in exchange for fee rewards. To be an Indexer the person running the node must stake a large amount of their own investment and convince others to stake their coin through a delegator process. The system creates a reward system for good behavior and a punishment of their coin being slashed for malicious behavior. The Delegator process is the most accessible and anyone could take advantage of.

You can connect your ETH wallet with GRT in it to Here you will find the list of Indexers available along with the who they provide information for, and the split for the two types of rewards. 


The Curator role is using a system called Signaling to indicate which outside platforms can provide good information to The Graph Network. The curator will provide some GRT as a type of wager that this proposed subgraph will provide quality data based on the strength of their APIs. To ensure that Curators are knowledgeable there is a complex bonding system where potential Curators must buy shares to participate. There is a lot more on that here


At the end of the day with Web 3.0 rapidly gaining speed a network like The Graph will only become more and more valuable. Of course DYOR but this one really stuck out to me as one to watch! 

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