Why switch to Brave Browser is a good choice?

It's no secret that Brave Browser was built on the core Chromium, an open source version of the Google Chrome browser, which already provides native features of Chrome and allows for the implementation of particular features, so it's fairer to make a direct comparison between them.

What makes Brave so special about Google's proprietary version, regardless of the benefit of integrating a cryptocurrency multi-wallet, donor system for content producers, and the non-invasive audience structure for advertisers and viewers, that each individual would already grant an absurd advantage in using Brave as the default browser. That is the question!


The first thing to note is the Brave browser open performance, and to be fair the comparison should be performed with the same extension load, and I confess that in that sense I was unfair to Brave because the extension load I use in Brave is higher than the one I own in Chrome, yet Brave Browser startup performance completed its execution cycle in a much shorter time. No, I haven't even mentioned opening websites yet.

Before I continue I would like you to know the configuration of my computer, to be sure, after all the Brave Browser is good, but also does not do magic, let's go and agree.

  • Processor: Athlon 64x2 +3000
  • Memory: 2Gb RAM
  • OS: Windows 10 x64

Yes, exactly. A cart purchased in 2007 overloaded with operating system and updated software, many, and even with my adjustments sometimes it seems that it is necessary to use a crank or firewood. After this little stop let's talk about what matters.

After opening startup you already come across an organized and clean overview, with a background image, a clock on the right, on the left, if you have been using your browser for some time now, your most accessed websites and the usage statistics are very clear and informative, but this is perfumed.


The most relevant factor that enables Brave Browser to perform well is cross-site tracker blocking settings, which can be set globally or individually at the URL accessed. Exactly these trackers that overload the interpretation of pages, especially those that are extremely polluted with advertisements or third party plugins features, which make it difficult even reading, browsing and usability, causing an opposite effect to the desired.


Naturally, because Brave has its own implementation of a non-invasive advertising methodology, it natively allows advertising blocking by making the user interface clean, intuitive, making it easy to navigate and read content you're interested in, especially if the content is in one. website that abuses advertising too much.

And as an example of this, for 'gran finale', there is no website content that better expresses this condition than what will be presented below. The conclusion is up to you.


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