What I am Holding and Trade in 2019

In the first half of 2019 the crypto currencies market started a spike in value in the known altcoins and later followed by bitcoin (BTC) and with a little delay the ethereum (ETH), this occurrence gave me a perspective of work and holding; see more


In the first image above it is possible to observe one of my portifolios and in the second bellow some of the crypto coins that I usually observe for possible investments.

For those who want to know more about the application tool used in screenshots, just access the article about BitUniverse at publish0x through the link: BitUniverse Portifolio, Tracker & Grid Trade

Coming into the subject of holding company, I must affirm that my preferences are always conservative among some of the top 30, the trading activity is a little more variable and investments have a broader view, but always observing the lowest possible risk and the quality of the project and performance of the project team in numerous points, as well as the development of the project over time.

In this sense, by the current market trend of 2019 I try to maintain a quantity in stablecoins or fiat to obtain a good capture of the low and a part in BTC and ETH to obtain a good capture of the high during the market oscillations, taking into account that half of ETH is worked on the ETH / BTC pair, thus working on two fronts.

This activity, in addition to pure holding, allows me to construct a steady increase in profits, allowing me to always add more. This is not a day trade, which is another theme for another time, but a grid trade, that is also available in the mentioned application.

The big question is why hold BTC and ETH specifically, and as I mentioned earlier, one of the reasons is conservative, but at this point there are other reasons, for example, the current graphical aspect of 4H and 1D demonstrates, even with the proper oscillations and corrections, has a tendency to rise, which in the medium term guarantees a capital gain.


However, the altcoins, observed through the graphs in these pairs (BTC or ETH) tend to reduce value, even if they maintain or gain value in the USDT pair, except when there is value gain from external factors, and for an investment in altcoins in this sense it would be necessary to be aware of the various activities, agreements and negotiations that the respective altcoin is taking.

On the other hand some altcoins with MasterNodes or Leasing (case of Waves) is always good to have some amount in hold, not to miss an opportunity, but always remembering the quality of value-added project and always avoid investments in currencies without product or service defined.

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