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It is very common for people to be interested in mining crypto, but not all people the resources are sophisticated and available reserves to obtain mining power, then resort to a web mining, and a suggestion is the JSEcoin platform.


There are several mining offers through the web browser, however with the increasing difficulty that the blocks acquire over time, such activity has not been gratifying, requiring the miner to migrate from cryptocurrency from time to time, looking for low difficulties for greater productivity and equivalent profitability.

The JSEcoin platform provides an easy and agile mining facility, with no complicated installation and access conditions, compatible with any browser, just by setting the ratio of CPU usage it is possible to do mining via browser.


The JSEcoin platform also allows content producers to use their script for site visitors to perform mining while browsing the website, unlike similar tools, such as the infamous coinhive, the algorithm provided by JSEcoin prevents hardware abuse by limiting mining by only 10% of its processing capacity.


Also in this sense JSEcoin has its own methodology of coin distribution in the mining based on lottery by block, has mechanism of protection of mining farms and limit of a mining activity by one for account, thus provides a fairness of distribution.

In addition to mining by the browser and visits on website the platform has an advertising tool where the user with some settings promotes his business with banner in the sites available with active platform script.

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Thiago Capuano
Thiago Capuano

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