SwapSpace Review by Thiago Capuano

SwapSpace Review by Thiago Capuano

We are always swapping our crypto-funds, in parts or in their entirety, either by seeking better financial results for ourselves or believing in the appreciation of a project, one of the known ways of doing this is by "swapping".

Swap Overview

There are several "Swap" tools, some of them have already been treated in Publish0x and were part of a contest. To summarize, "swap" is an agile way for you to migrate one cryptoasset to another according to your preference, and depends on the availability of the cryptoasset in the "swap" tool you are using.

Swapping through a "swap" tool is efficient and effective on many occasions, when you need to execute a transfer between two points or brokers where the cryptoasset is non-existent, or when you want to swap cryptoasset "A" to cryptoasset "B" without going through numerous order handling, volume and other conditions, because you need agility, in short, there are many reasons to use a "swap".

Overview of Swaps Aggregators

Swap tools offer agility, but also their variation in value between one tool and another, and as said, we seek the most advantageous swap for our cryptoassets finances, and one of the problems with using a swap is that we have to go through each service individually to find the tools with the required pair of cryptoassets, which has its availability, and the best swap ratio... or simply find the first one that meets the pair's existence and execute.

Swap aggregators come exactly to fill the existing gap by providing exactly the swap service, but making available within a list of swap service tools and all the cryptoassets of those tools, who in a single place you inform the desired swap pair and the aggregator presents you the list of swap tools with that pair, and through it you decide which one to use through the aggregator.

SwapSpace Brand


When we talk about "swap" aggregators we must take into consideration the responsibility that the aggregator has with the user of its service and the credibility of the "swap" tools it presents to the user, and in this regard SwapSpace has in its presentation list recognized and consolidated tools, mentioned as partners, they are:

SwapSpace Prtner List

When you define your exchange pair and select to see the offers on the desired pair the SwapSpace service presents you with the alternatives through the list of existing partners for the required pair, between floating ratio and fixed ratio, and from all alternatives which is the best choice for you. Below you can see a partial screen shot, where the best swap ratio is presented highlighted in yellow, i.e., for this swap at the exact moment it was created the Exolix tool presented the best result.

SwapSpace Alternatives List

The procedures that follow when selecting the swap button follow the standard, conventional procedures that we are used to in swap operations, there is nothing special, because there is no need and the idea is to simplify and not to complicate. The form fields are the destination address of the cryptoasset, the field to insert the tag/memo/extraId that the address may have, and the refund field. When all fields are correctly filled, the address and QRcode to send the funds will be displayed for the execution of the exchange, and all you have to do is wait for the processing to be concluded.

Pay attention to the refund address field

It is worth pointing out, that although it is an optional field we must consider it, because when you establish the swap directly from your personal portfolio the reimbursement, given by some consequence, returns directly to your portfolio, however if you are using some brokerage company for the action then always indicate a reimbursement address. The reason is that brokerages use common exit addresses, not the same deposit address you have, and it's also contraindicated in these operations, so be aware.

API for Developers

SwapSpace also has an API for developers to integrate the service into their website and enhance your affiliate registration directly on your site, allowing your clients to execute swaps directly with your referral without the need to distribute referral links, which can be a great facilitator for you to receive some change for your clients' trades.


The SwapSpace development team has built a highly needed service for swap tool users and the crypto community in general, provides the best swap choice, and grants you the ability to swap, up to this point, 15 referral links for a single one with the concession of 50% of the gain made on the swaps, and I can only see advantage in the service they offer.

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