Earn to View Ad
Earn to View Ad

The practice of paying for viewing pages advertised is a long one, and is also being adopted for cryptomaniac enthusiasts, in this publication I will deal with the Hashing Ad Space, which I have tested in the last few days and it has interesting formatting.

As a service of the crypto universe the Hashing Ad Space evaluates the visualization and creation of the advertisement to be published through its own currency, in the case of the Waves ASIMI token, the fact that it is a token of Waves already grants conditions and characteristics peculiar to what can be attributed to Smart Contract and decentralized market by the Waves platform itself.

In a functional summary basically the user maintains the visualization of a certain page / site and receives a certain offer for a certain period of time, between 7 to 30 seconds, according to the configuration and receives in the wallet the respective amount of tokens offered, the withdrawal is traditional, limited to a serve tokens where the evaluation is equivalent to 50USD.


It is important to point out that not all ads are worth to register, some have poor quality, others are very interesting to give continuity of knowledge, it is up to each one to have the distinction between just viewing and receiving the reward or in fact to believe and integrate with what is being proposed in the advertisement.

Providing the ad itself is basically simple and goes through an approval process without many details, it is possible to create ads for viewing using ASIMI or Bitcoin as a form of payment, and setting the value for each view and its viewing time, despite some URLs are banned, others are not apt to be integrated because they are not recognized, or simply do not load their content on the platform, depending on the frontend technology used, it may still be worth using.


To advertise voucher of personal videos, links of personal websites and reference links.

For bounty hunter it is a very interesting way of acquiring some coins because it requires little time of activity per day, the perceived value varies according to the offer of the published for the advertisement allowing to reach up to 5 ASIMI in 3 days.

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