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In the crypto universe, it is important to have efficient means with relevant and up-to-date market information, allowing you to circumvent situations, change strategies or make decisions at any time, and BitUniverse is effective.


With the constant changes and swings, liquidity, abrupt reversals it is ingenuity not to have something willing to watch your own investment to try to at least reduce the damage, or take advantage of a fraction of some profit opportunity, and for that we need tools that provide data in real time.

BitUniverse in a single application brings together tools and resources to keep us well informed, control our investments and make decisions anywhere, anytime, just by having an internet connection, and all in real time.


Among the various tools and resources found we have:

Portfolio: With more than 400 registered crypto-currency exchange markets that can be selected to watch the evolution of investments, with the possibility of creating several different portfolios and grouping different foreign exchange markets into one or more portfolio (with graphics).

Cryptomanes Tracer: With a simple search it is possible to locate crypto-coins to check average value, compare the price in different markets and pairs, check the volume of the currency in each market, select in favorite and enter price alarm (with graphics).

Trade: It allows you to create and execute purchase and sale orders in several foreign exchange markets, and also has some automated trading tools in 'grid trade', 'stop limit' and 'trailing stop limit'

News: It is possible to watch news of a cryptomoeda of several different and varied sources, including of the social networks of the currencies bringing thus the last news published of their preferred currencies.

It would be impracticable to mention here all the features and configurations available in each of the tools, but it is worth informing that there is still a crypto-coins calculator, an integrated Etherium wallet, indicators for the graphics, among others, it is a very ample application in the utility.


I've been using BitUniverse for over a year now, and comparing with similar ones I have not found any that have as many features as it does, which makes its versatility almost unmatched, though the application is currently only available for Android and IOS development team has in the testing phase the web version for access by the browser.

With its own token developed for BitUniverse value aggregation, it will be designed to allow the sustainability of the application that has benefited thousands of users around the world in several ways.

To make use of the free application of the application simply access the BitUniverse page subscribe to your email, download the application and register with the same email in the application

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