Both OKC and KCC offer gas refunds, which one is better

Recently, KCC, the KuCoin’s public chain announced the launching of KCC Gas Revenue and opened the project register channel, with a maximum gas incentive ratio of up to 100%. Similarly, OKC previously announced the Gas Back plan, with a gas rebate ratio of up to 50% in the early stages. Both exchanges’ chains have launched gas refund mechanisms, so today we will compare which provides greater support for projects.


About OKC’s Gas Back

According to official news, the Gas Back contract dividend project is OKC's module for developers to receive a portion of the fees accumulated by their contracts. 

It is a proportional handling fee distribution between block producers and contract deployers. And contract developers need to register for Gas Back, and pay a certain amount in handling fees. After registering, the contract's handling fees will be proportionally distributed to the deployer. The Gas Back supports developers in the implemented register, modifying, and deleting dividend contracts. In the initial stage of the launch, DApp developers are free to register and participate in fee dividends. According to the vote of the OKC community, the dividend ratio is up to 50%.

In simple, OKC's Gas Back is a secondary distribution of the gas income on the chain, where a portion of the revenue belonging to the node is distributed to the project party. For users, if you vote for a node on OKC, the presence of Gas Back will affect your node earnings.

About KCC’s Gas Revenue

KCC Gas Revenue Program is the implementation of the KCC Ecosystem Incentive Program, which supports gas refunds to the KCC contract deployers. All projects who sign up to participate in Gas Revenue can enjoy the highest gas refund from March 15, 2023, to May 31, 2023, and the return ratio can reach up to 100%. The fees returned to developers will be sponsored by the KCS Management Foundation.

The KCC team will calculate the project gas revenue ratio according to the comprehensive dimensions of the registered projects and divide the gas fee for the successfully registered projects on a monthly basis. 

In other words, KCC's Gas Revenue is a direct incentive given by KCC, which does not affect the revenue of the nodes on the chain. It is accurate on-chain support, and the higher the project's usage rate, the higher the incentive the project will receive.

In Conclusion

Whether it's OKC's Gas Back or KCC's Gas Revenue, both are supported for projects on the chain, which can lower the operating pressure on projects and provide them with financial benefits. However, the difference is that OKC's support is more like a subsidy for robbing the rich and helping the poor, which is essentially a transfer of on-chain income. KCC's support is the genuine support provided by the public chain, without compromising the interests of nodes and users.

KCC Gas Revenue has launched an online event, where both old and new projects can enjoy the maximum gas incentive during the event period. New deployed projects can receive the maximum gas incentive for three months. In addition, in order to create a better development environment for projects on the chain, KCC will also announce a series of measures in the near future, including but not limited to market support, development tools, and CEX resource docking.

Click here to view more information about KCC Gas Revenue.


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