Both BSC and KCC offer gas refunds, which is better

Recently, Binance posted an announcement of its NFT Marketplace zero-fee trading promotion from March 21 to April 10. Also, during the promotion, users will stand to enjoy 100% gas fee rebates when purchasing their first three third-party platform NFTs from any Ethereum NFT collection(s) available at Binance NFT Marketplace.


This is not the only gas rebates promotion in 2023. In the last post, we discussed OKC and KCC’s gas rebates plan. Of course, their rebates plan focuses on different target groups. But Bianace move let me more interested in the public chain's gas back. So I conducted a second in-depth research on these and get the conclusion that KCC’s Gas Revenue Program is very friendly to the projects, which is equivalent to providing financial subsidies in disguise.

Today, I will talk about Why KCC Gas Revenue Program is more attractive to projects and how to register.

More users using the protocol, more gas refunding to developers

KCC Gas Revenue Program is the implementation of the KCC Ecosystem Incentive Program, which supports gas refunds to the KCC contract deployers (Gas here refers to the gas fee spent by the user when using the protocol ). 

Please pay attention to the fees returned to developers, which will be sponsored by the KCS Management Foundation. This means KCC’s gas incentives do not affect other participants on the chain, such as on-chain users and validators. In a word, KCC was taking extra funds to incentive the on-chain developers. More users using the protocol, more gas refunding to developers.

ALL dApps developed on KCC and listed on KCC discover can register for KCC Gas Revenue Program, KCC team will review and contact the applier within 7 working days. The KCC team will calculate the project gas revenue ratio according to the comprehensive dimensions of the registered projects. If everything is fine, the registered projects will be received the gas incentive in the next month after their application.

Limited Promotion in progress, newly developed projects can enjoy up to 100% gas refund

From March 15 to May 31, all projects developed on KCC and successfully participated in the KCC Gas Revenue Program can get the highest gas divided during the event period (The highest here refers to the highest ratio in the rating for project parties except for the track they belong to). For example, if project A belongs to the Lending protocol or NFT Market, A will enjoy 100% gas refunds during the promotion.

For new dApps, here have a specific promotion,  the new dApps deployed on KCC will enjoy 3 months' highest ratio for gas refunds from the date of passing the Gas Revenue review!

How To Join the KCC Gas Revenue Program

It is easy to register KCC Gas Revneu, All projects deployed on KCC can register to the KCC Gas Revenue Program. 

The required steps are as follows:

  1. Visit the registration link of the KCC Gas Revenue Program
  2. Fill in the required project information on page
  3. Finish the Google CAPTCHA
  4. The KCC team will contact you within 5 working days and complete the project review within 7 working days.

Register for the KCC Gas Revenue Program Now

Hope this post can help builders on KCC or other public chains. And I am looking forward to seeing the days when more dApps can meet the mass need and actually be accepted by the traditional world. Let’s keep BUIDL!

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