Over $174 mil dollars entered crypto in last month via stable coins
Over $174 mil dollars entered crypto in last month via stable coins

By Jakub W | Blockchain Mysteries | 7 Dec 2018

I have analyzed (USDC, GUSD, PAX, TUSD) stable-coins for the last month period (6.11 - 6.12)   Over $174 000 000 had entered market via them, this calculation is done by subtracting pas supply to newer one.   How can be printage of coins BULLISH? USDC, GUSD, TUSD and PAX have all audit-able records in which they're providing balance of their acc. So usually if institution wants to enter Crypto market in the way of crypto, stable coin issuers create tokens for them. It's elegant way for institutions to buy crypto assets, without big reliance on BTC. Most issuers make their profits that way.   DISCLAIMER That said it can lower the overall market-cap because of lower number of market-transactions the institutions have to make, instead of buying BTC (increasing value of BTC, but even BTC value of asset) then buying asset (increasing value of other asset again), they just buy (US-some-stablecoin) and then asset. But that's are imho just growing pains of separation from BTC pairs.   I have deliberately skipped other stable-coins, because I haven't found their audit reports or their marketcap was low. I have, also skipped DAI because, increase in supply is not new money into the system.     6. November - 6. December New tokens PAX $32 Mil USDC $45 Mil GUSD $61 Mil TUSD $36 Mil SUM $174 Mil  



6.11 - 6.12  $61 mill of new USD




6.10 - 6.12  $32 mill of new USD





6.10 - 6.12  $36 mill of new USD




6.10 - 6.12  $45 mill of new USD




Jakub W
Jakub W

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Blockchain Mysteries

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