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Apollo Nano Faucet Review

By johnmalkovich | Blockchain marketing | 14 Jun 2021

What's Nano?

Nano is a decentralized network. Fast, fee-less and secure. It was distributed fairly, like no other coin. And has limited supply.

What's a Faucet?

A faucet is a great way of testing a crypto network like Nano, you give your address and the faucet will send you some real amount, usually some fraction of a coin. The first faucet was created by Gavin Andresen and gave 5 BTC per captcha solved. Community users can send the faucet address some coins to keep the faucet working if it depletes.

It's a great way to start and to promote a network, in this case the Apollo Nano Faucet has a unique way of working via a Twitter bot you can message (DM) and send tweets with commands. 

How does the Apollo Nano Faucet work?

The bot is constantly updated. You can send the command !help for a detailed list of actions.

Here is the URL for the Apollo Nano Faucet:

Apollo Nano (Twitter account)

More info:


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