Squid Game – Something more than a TV Serie?

Squid Game – Something more than a TV Serie?

By MikeZillo | Blockchain Insights | 7 Dec 2021

Ages have not yet passed from the advent of the Squid Token fraud and earlier from the Squid Game Serie.

If you have seen the TV serie, you probably remember that only one player was supposed to survive to the 7 days of deathly games. And that was exactly what happened with the Squid Token. The owner took it all, and all the investors were left with empty pockets.

I have to be honest. After a few days of hype coming from the TV series, I decided to watch it! I could not resist since I truly believed that in a dystopic form, what we are living now was going to be somehow represented by Squid Game.

By the way, the hype has passed and I can see a few memes left of the experience. Probably the most part of the viewers considered it just a form of cruel entertainment.

What features have I detected into Squid Game?

Small disclaimer: in the most cases, I will refer to men as the human specie with no distinction between men and women. When I will make a distinction, I will make it explicit.

1 - Homo homini lupus

At first: men are ready to kill each other when necessary, for money or for their own survival (that in this case are equal to each other).


Taken from the song "for whom bell tolls" of Metallica

There has been some alliances but they were not natural. They were induced by the rules of the game and they were then detached or induced to betray one another.

In the glass-bridges game, characters chose a random faith for theirselves, showing characters pushing others down to prove the resistance of the glass, if it was a tempered or a weak one.

In this section, I noticed twice relevant female behaviour, that reminded the watcher that females are usually more “human” than men. At least, until their children are not threatened.

When in the “marble game” the north-korean fugitive (Kang Sae-byeok) let the other girl winning to allow her to help their family and when the “oppa-girl” threw herself together with the macho-criminal (Jang Deok-su) into the next glass, that will ultimately break.


2 – The VIPs with animal masks enjoying the tragical deaths of players

VIPs have the full power. They are eventually the sponsors of the deathly competition. They wear masks so they are not directly recognizable. This habit was also used for executioners killing people that had been sentenced to death. Animal masks recall animal instincts that were stimulated with alcohol and drugs.


VIPs may represent a class with full power that we have on Earth, owning the most part of industries and organizations laughing seeing people struggling to reach the end of the month with their salary.
One VIP that tries to sexually assault the infiltrated police man (waiter), a clear symbol that power often overcomes dignity and ethical limits.

3 - The role of the guards

Obeying without questioning, managing their own interests too (when the doctor was dissecting dead bodies), being cruel beyond human conception (when burning still alive looser players), with a rigid hierarchy.
That reminds me in a very clear way acts of military enforcements during totalitarianism.

4 – The bait to get players, without telling them that they were risking death.

This reminds me something like governments inserting new rules to restrict freedom and giving a “Pass” to restore it, without creating awareness among the Pass adopters about the risks they will be dealing with if undertaking that route.


5 – A survivor

Not going down to compromises that will potentially start fighting for freedom in the second season of the Serie. The main character, when leaving by plane to meet his daughter, sees the recruiter playing with a new guy and he decide to run and block him, promising himself to shut everything down once and for all.

I am not spending many word on what happened to Squid Token: “the winner took them all”, since during the bull-run, liquidation for token buyers was somehow not possible.

squidgame token

Anyway, the Squid Game Serie has made me thinking a lot about the drama we are currently living in, matching the weakening of the people from the financial, economic, healthy, freedom points of view.

What do you see on it? Have you found like me something frighteningly familiar in this TV serie?

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