By MikeZillo | Blockchain Insights | 8 Jun 2022

Dear readers, followers, crypto-passionate, crypto-maniacs and newbies. With this weekly appointment the aim is to share some constructive and sceptical perspectives about news.

I am not just going to dismantle news. I am going to analyze them, trying to create what I call the “tri-dimensional perspective”. Just another perspective! And those news, I am not choosing by myself. My team chooses them, and without any notice, I get them and I comment them!

I hope you will like this format!


That’s a great news and it’s totally against the mass media communication that cryptocurrencies are just bad and they are used for money laundering and illicit markets.
Reality is that people truly believe that Bitcoin can become Legal Tender.



Further good news about Bitcoin and its mining sustainability. Again, press turns against Bitcoin mining and its environmental impact but there is a huge path into the renewable resources field.



Even Insurers are invested into cryptocurrencies (11%). Are you sure you want to miss this revolution?



Creating new definitions, creating definite boundaries, defining jurisdictions and creating realistic rules. That’s a good news. I am not setting up a party for this news, but I like that countries are thinking about it.



The backlash in cryptocurrencies can be compared to the counterattack in soccer.
If you have a good view of the game, you can score goals in a few passes.
In the same way, if you are in the market flow, you can profit even in a bearish market.
But you don't become a trader in 1 day and here come up "investors" who have lost everything...
I like this author's point of view, he also explains how subjects who are against the crypto world, manage to exploit it to make profit.
Right through crypto!



Hyperverse, a controversial business and we have warned about it, on different channels. Here, on Hive.Blog and more. Associations are starting gathering people going against that scheme. Never believe in easy money and never rely in that kind of leverage, created with money from other people.

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have news to be commented, feel free to drop a comment here. Next time, we will be more thorough.

See ya!

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Blockchain Insights
Blockchain Insights

Working as a consultant for Blockchain projects, an operative experience comes by itself. In this Blog I am share Blockchain applications, pros and cons, practical use cases I got in touch with. Of course, a good understanding of the topic will be provided with dedicated contents

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